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Oh, dear, Prince Charming, where are you? Beats me! Think I've been watching too many romantic comedy movies lately! rolling eyes rolling eyes

Mar 2nd 2013 new

Not to self-promote, but I just blogged about this.

Stay strong, and have faith! I know it seems impossible, but God has a plan!

Mar 2nd 2013 new

That is really good, Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing!

Mar 2nd 2013 new

Hey Jennifer, I am not in me lower 20's. I understand from where you are coming. I recently read a good book for ladies such as you and I called "The Closet is All Mine." The book was came from a a lady in a similar situation as you and I who had a blog and compiled them into a book. Check it out.


Mar 3rd 2013 new

me too jennifer. we all have our stories as to why? I am embracing this single life now because it's better than being tied down in a miserable relationship that was going no where but down. i broke the next time around, I will remember the mistakes and i will not repeat them. i had poor sense of judgement. bottom line-i gave my heart to the wrong persons. but my heart is now open to love again and I'm having the grace of patience by my side. i pray. and i will say a prayer for you too. your friend on CM, Linda

Mar 3rd 2013 new


I feel for you. Although I am not 40 I worry about being 40 and being in your shoes. But, here is what I would tell myself if I was in your shoes: don't put your life on hold waiting for Mr. Right. Try and go about your life the way you want to and with the blessings God has equipped you with. Travel. Make new friends. Try new foods. See new movies. Whatever it is that entices you--do it! If you want children, biologically speaking you are still able. However, if you are very serious about having kids, maybe adoption is a good option for you? There are a lot of children who need a good home--especially a good Catholic home. I will pray for you and that God will give you direction.God bless!


Mar 3rd 2013 new

Jennifer, I know what you mean. I just turned 39, and I'm like having a reality check....I'm gonna 40 next year!!shocked I feel like my bio-clock is ticking, and it feels like I'm running out of time. boggled I keep praying to God that I need a man in my life who I can share the love that Jesus has given me. theheart I need a man who I can go to church with...and go to church functions with. I wanna share my faith with that special guy. heart I guess I should just have faith that God does have plan for me. I just ask me the way. Praying angel

Mar 3rd 2013 new

hug Thanks, Elizabeth! heart

Mar 3rd 2013 new

Thank you,Elizabeth hug

Mar 3rd 2013 new

Thanks to both Tiffany & Susan! hug hug Knowing that you ladies feel similar to me, means a lot. I do tend to become upset because I see so many other people have spouses, children, & other things that I'd like to have too, but don't. I know it's wrong also for me to covet what my neighbors have, & that's not something God wants me to do, but I often wonder why God chooses to bless people in different ways. theheart theheart

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