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Mar 2nd 2013 new

(Quote) Jim-13836 said: (Quote) Marian-83994 said: The man was from Salinas, CA was very lega...
(Quote) Jim-13836 said:

Marian-83994 said:

The man was from Salinas, CA was very legalistic and was a recovered alcoholic. I had been reading about John Steinbeck (author)and how there is a old home in Carmel where he lived and this man was an English teacher who lived near those areas of CA and I asked about it and attempted to engage this man in intelligent and respectful conversation. He was ok with that but was not very excited about the home Steinbeck had lived in- still that is a more appropriate subjkect matter than my weight IMHO.

I was stunned when suddenly raised the bar (or lowered himself) and he threatened to quit talking if I did not disclose my weight. I stated to him, "I will not disclose my weight to you, you are free to discontinue talking with me."

I very am well aware that I am short and that I am not thin in appearance in my photos. I grew up dancing ballet in front of a mirror where we had to scrutinize our appearance. I know that most ballerinas and models literally starve themselves but are gifted with a thin frame. I can look thinner but always must work at it and I am more than willing to do so. THAT is the CONVERSATON and MAN and WOMAN need to have with one another. I need to state I am more than willing to exercise and he needs to join me or do the same himself. Period.

I am not going to be treated that way and I am not going to let someone treat me like an object SIMPLY for his pleasure like he was ordering up a doll. I gave him what he deserved. He knew almost nothing about me and I don't deserve that. Weight can be discussed but not in an degrading, objectifying, ugly or threatening way. I am not an object. I am a human being. I expect to be treated with respect and so should everyone here.

WoW. I would say that guy from Salinas was clueless, but in an indirect sort of way he did you a favor in that he came out of the closet, so to speak, and presented his idiocy early on. It is better to learn that early on, the earlier the better. I think you handled that perfectly. Faith and personality are way more important than weight and height. Just my 2 cents.


Yes he told me all I needed to know about him in those emails which abruptly ended. I won't put up with it. Thank you for your support. Couples can diet and exercise together and can support one another in that. Not do what he did. I am into hiking ect.

Mar 2nd 2013 new
Nothing wrong w being short...most men aren't going to look at that in negative terms in your case.
Mar 2nd 2013 new

I don´t think there is nothing wrong with being short. I'm short too. Plus, think postively most men are taller than us. I wouldn't want a shorter man than me. When I lived in the States I went to a grammer school where must of my friends were taller than me. But when I went to high school I went to an all girl catholic school and there were all types of girls big, tall, short, fat and all different nationalities it was perfect for me I didn't feel short. And here in Mexico my height is an average height, most woman are my height or shorter. Plus in the Lord's vineyard, there are all types of people.

Mar 2nd 2013 new

Short is A-ok!! wink I have a feeling all 5 of my kids are going to tower me! My 13 yo daughter already has 2" on me laughing I'm still boss though, dang it!

Mar 3rd 2013 new

(Quote) Laura-824866 said: Short is A-ok!! I have a feeling all 5 of my kids are going to tower me! My 13 yo daughter alread...
(Quote) Laura-824866 said:

Short is A-ok!! I have a feeling all 5 of my kids are going to tower me! My 13 yo daughter already has 2" on me I'm still boss though, dang it!


Laura, this made me smile and remember my father-in-law. We were sitting in the back yard talking while the kiddos were playing and he was watching them come up and ask questions, then he shook his head and told me "You better get your bluff in on them now because they are all going to be bigger than you before too much longer". . .he was right lol.

Mar 3rd 2013 new

Remember that Zaccheus was so short that he had to climb a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus pass by. And what happened to the little guy? Jesus invited Himself over to his house for dinner!

Being kinda short at 5' 5" has at least given me the advantage of knowing how to hem pants (lots of them!)

Mar 3rd 2013 new
(Quote) Carl-98335 said: I'm 5'5", so no.
(Quote) Carl-98335 said:

I'm 5'5", so no.

I agree with my shortie brother being 5'5" myself.
Mar 3rd 2013 new

(Quote) Andrew-290721 said: As far as height goes, I'll consider anyone who will consider me. But after seeing so many women in...
(Quote) Andrew-290721 said: As far as height goes, I'll consider anyone who will consider me. But after seeing so many women insist on a "tall" man, I gave up writing to anyone more than 5' 9" unless she writes to me first. I can only bang my head against the wall so many times before it starts to hurt.

I'm surprised you've been having this issue Andrew, perhaps I've just been lucky on this site but I rarely see a woman openly express a disinterest in talking or trying to date someone shorter. While you likely have more experience with it than I do, and may be right that taller women in general prefer taller men, I've definitely seen the opposite here as well where I encountered someone who preferred shorter guys. I'm sure it's difficult banging your head against that wall many times, and can understand not wanting to reach out first anymore based on your experience, but as a whole I think the quality of women on this site is considerably better than others. While I don't feel you're questioning the quality of women on the site by any means, and you've clearly tried this difficult situation many times, but just try and remain optimistic, as there may be a day where I nice 5'9" or taller lady decides to put a pillow against that wall you're hitting your head on, and gives you the chance you likely deserve.

The previous site I used had most women requesting that the male be at least 6 feet tall, muscular, has a great personality, is funny, etc., and would claim they're looking for a serious relationship, but would "run" away at the first sign of a serious question or situation. I can't emphasize enough how refreshing it is to see all the women on this site who know exactly what they want, and are open and willing to discuss important topics.

To answer the forum post question that most have already answered, short women are much easier for most men, especially since some may not be comfortable with the idea of being shorter than the woman they'd be potentially dating.

Mar 3rd 2013 new

Hello Claire,

Just remeber he made you as you are and God does not make mistakes.
May the Lord send the right man for you and just hang in there till it happens.
God bless my sister and give her the man she is waiting for the life she desires amen.
Also the best things in life come in small packages rose wave

I am short myself, so I can say all this to you.

Mar 3rd 2013 new

Thanks Rollanda!God Bless you!

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