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Mar 4th 2013 new

I have 7.
- for business and legal and family
- for genealogy
- shopping/online junk mail
- CM, FB, online friends
- 3 for work

Mar 4th 2013 new

I have two that I'm actively using. One gets my personal e-mail, including discussion lists; the other is for companies and charities that I do business with.

These are not strict guidelines. For one airline, I had to switch to the "personal" e-mail account, because I wasn't getting the e-mails I was supposedly subscribed to on the "business" account.

Mar 4th 2013 new

I have more than two, lol.

My oldest email is through AOL and I use it for friends, subscribed lists, and when just meeting someone.

My professional email which I use for work, business and contacts, I give this one to people I trust or feel comfortable with, it has my full name.

I also have a google email which is hooked with my phone and also hooked to some calendar things for work, so I only use it for calendars.

I also have one associated with my internet provider, but this one only gets emails from my internet provider lol, partly because I don't remember it.

Mar 6th 2013 new

I have several of them sorted out, it's easier for me to find emails from each category.

1 - Family & relatives
1 - Very close friends
1 - Friends
2 - Online Friends
1 - Acquaintances
1 - CM
1 - Amazon
2 - eBay
2 - FB (have 2 FB Acct)
2 - Work
1 - Church
1 - Charity Organizations
1 - Neighborhood watch association
1 - Magazine subscriptions
1 - Other online purchases

Mar 6th 2013 new
Oh, duh, I didn't think to mention my work e-mail. But that is strictly for work stuff. Obviously.
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