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Oct 29th 2013 new
If the charm and beauty God has graced you with scares men away... let them run away so that it helps the courageous ones stand out more!
Oct 31st 2013 new
(quote) Annie-939836 said:

I have a few questions, mainly for the gentlemen, but ladies can answer as well if they have some insight. I am a pretty bold person, sometimes too bold perhaps including being really talkative and honest about my feelings, especially when I just want things to happen when I see potential (which suggests that I don't always want to let God be in control of the relationship area of my life). I feel as though I scare many guys away with my talkative and forward personality, being too honest;). And then I have moments where I get scared and just completely back away when I am faced with the possibility of someone being interested in me because I don't want to them to think that I am crowding them or being bothersome. There may be an obvious answer but how do I calm myself down? Is it more appropriate to let the man say how he feels instead of admitting my feelings first? Will a guy say something about how he truly feels or is it more common for a guy to be too shy to express those feelings until awhile later? I don't want to scare guys away or make them feel uncomfortable or make them think that I don't like them, but sometimes I feel as though I don't have a guy because of those very reasons. Help!

If you need any tips let me know, I'm an expert at this subject. After dealing with me they should come a running to you. laughing
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