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After being away for some time, I renew my membership here. But somehow several times when I went to this site, I was brought to another person's account. I can see her CM home account, how many messages/viewed she received, and the pictures of those who viewed her. I didn't pry to her private account, of course, I immediately signed out, and signed in again, only to be brought to the same account! It happened 3-4 times in a row just now, and finally I was able to get to my own account by clicking Profile.

I don't know who this woman is, and I'm using a personal computer (not shared), so I don't know why this happened. I keep being referred to this woman's account, never anyone else's (not that I want to!)

Other than annoyed, I'm also having doubts in the safety of my own CM account. Can she or anybody also see my account?

Had anyone experienced this before?

I hope someone on CM can help me with this.


Mar 7th 2013 new

Please submit a Help Ticket to Admin.. This is a technical issue that they will have to deal with..

Mar 7th 2013 new

I'm sorry you have had this problem and it does make you wonder why it happened and just how secure all our profiles are? I'm afraid I have no answers for you as I'm generally technically challenged but I hope you can get this sorted out very soon. It's good of you to respect the privacy of the lady whose profile kept opening.

Mar 8th 2013 new

From the look of it, you are using a proxy ( ) - this may be with or without your intention, but it is there. Proxies will have their own rules for caching and can ignore CatholicMatch's "no cache" directive. If it does, then it may serve the last cached page from another user. This is what I expect is happening.

I see a half dozen other people who are accessing CatholicMatch through this proxy, and by doing so you are all at their mercy. I highly recommend (if at all possible) not using a proxy, and in fact, I usually block them from being able to access CatholicMatch as proxies are usually used by identity, scammers, and the like.

The good news is that apart from last name and email address, CatholicMatch does not make available other information (such as your password, credit card number, etc) in any way, shape, or form, and someone gaining access to a cached page does not permit them to change anything.

Mar 16th 2013 new

Thanks Donna, Brenda & Nathan for your responses.

To Nathan:

What should I do to prevent this in the future? I'm afraid I'm not a techno-savvy person (far from it!).

Mar 19th 2013 new

To avoid this in the future, please make sure that you are not using a proxy to access CatholicMatch or any other site.

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