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Saint Thomas More was martyred during the Protestant Reformation for standing firm in the Faith and not recognizing the King of England as the Supreme Head of the Church.
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Mar 14th 2013 new

HI Michael,

When I was a young one :-) I went to some faith formation group studies, where I got to spend some time learning from some of the generations above me. One man, a beautiful wonderful man named John was the father of kids I went to school with, he had six, and I am one of five. He said that over his lifetime he had come to a realization that for each generation there are only about ten percent who truly embrace, understand and continue the faith, those are the ones who were fertile ground for the seeds that were planted. So he no longer worried that five of his six kiddos had fallen away or grown lukewarm, or that his siblings had done the same, the Church would live on, every generation, even when it might appear everything was falling apart. It gave him hope and it gave me hope. It is human nature I myself have decided after another twenty years of living and interacting with other humans. Think about all of the organizations you are involved in, secular or religious, there are always a core group that seem to always be involved and reliable, even though they get tired and wish others would help out a bit more and they try, they send out invites, set up meetings and out of fifty invited maybe five will become active. It's just the way things are, part of human group dynamics, I don't know. I can't really say it is a lack of education or example, all of us were raised in the same home with the same parents, same expectations same education, same examples, for some it takes and for some it doesn't and for some it just takes longer to germinate. Not to mention I take great comfort and hope in the promise that the Advocate will be with us and that the gates of hell will not prevail and as long as there a billion active Catholics or ten, the Church will go on.

Mar 14th 2013 new

Yeah it does feel like a rarity to find a real Catholic but its really about quality not quantity I doubt Holiness will ever be in vogue. But I am seeing some very good things in my local area, I've had the opportunity to participate in formation classes in three different parishes here in suburban Philly. When I first tried to be Catholic some 6 or 7 years ago there weren't many opportunities for formation. It seems like with the Year of Faith we are at least now aware of the need to teach the faith. I'm enthusiastic about the Pope Francis and what changes he can bring about.

One trend that I have noticed that saddens me is the growth of the evangelical/non denominational churches and many of the people attending are former Catholics who think the mass is ritualistic. I really believe Catholicism offers something that the world and no other denomination can offer so I think those folks are missing out.

I'm praying in my small corner of the universe that God would use me to in some way to draw people to His church.

Mar 14th 2013 new

(Quote) Sean-851370 said: Heck, the American Church probably has closed more churches than the Polish communist ...
(Quote) Sean-851370 said:

Heck, the American Church probably has closed more churches than the Polish communist government did. I know Polish immigrants here in town who said that the communists in Poland left churches alone. In Russia the situation was different and many churches and monasteries were destroyed. When we dealt with church closings in town, the Polish immigrants said that the communists were more respectful of churches than the American Church. Secularism is more dangerous in my opinion. The communists couldn't break the Church in Poland but secularism will. The proganada of Moscow is nothing compared to that of Madison Avenue.


Very well said, Sean. Perhaps the Poles were more deeply rooted in their Catholicism, more so than we are.

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