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Mar 11th 2013 new

(Quote) William-607613 said: That's true.If St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, falls on a Friday (March...
(Quote) William-607613 said:

That's true.

If St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, falls on a Friday (March 17th is always in Lent), the archbishop of New York will often dispense with the requirement to abstain from meat on that day.

When they announce this in church, they make it quite clear that the dispensation is only good in the archdiocese of NY. One cannot go back to NJ or CT and eat meat that day.


Actually, that happens in most Dioceses. One of the reason it has kind of become SOP in the US is that for a long time in the US Church Irish Priest and Bishops were the rule rather than the exception. It became such a tradition that even when non-Irish bishops take over the diocese, they continue the tradition.

In some places where Italian immagrants were a large population a dispensation was also granted for St.Joseph's Day March 19th, which also always occurs in Lent.

As a humorous aside, when I was a kid, the nuns always insisted we wear some green on Paddy's Day. If we arrived without any, they would pin green poster paper on us, usually in the form of a shamrock. I resented that with a passion because I was and still am proudly pure blooded Italian. So I saved enough money to buy myself an orange pullover shirt. We were required to wear ties, so I would wear a tie with no green with that shirt. The nuns never tried pinning any green on me after that.

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