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Mar 14th 2013 new
Sometimes in public but like David, usually privately. But when with my kids almost always in public, but quietly. Odd that I can compartmentalize this. Growing up we said grace before and after we are. Sometimes I remember to say it after now, but not usually. It's one of those things that you need to do something 30 times to become a habit. I have never had a companion react either way, but usually I guess they are unaware if i say it quietly. Subconsciously it may be more deference so they are not uncomfortable. But have not really thought about it.
Apr 17th 2013 new
I say grace before meals when in public.
Apr 17th 2013 new
(Quote) Marge-938695 said: Do you feel odd doing it?How do your companions react?
(Quote) Marge-938695 said:

Do you feel odd doing it?
How do your companions react?


I always say grace in public, I don't like drawing attention to myself so I do feel odd doing it. But it's a very small sacrifice to make in thanksgiving for the gifts of our Lord. I think it's good for the public to witness people practicing their faith...there is waaay too much worldliness and it can be encouraging to people. I never have a companion, that's why I'm on here.
Apr 17th 2013 new

Good question, Marge.

Pete always did. I sometimes do and sometimes don't, there is no rhyme or reason to it. I've never really felt odd doing it. Ihave t osay though that whenever I don't, I hear this little voice reminding me of a Jewish saying (I was told it is Jewish in origin), "The man who does not thank the Lord for his meal is a thief". So perhaps I should work on this. Lauren

Apr 17th 2013 new

YES!!! Was not part of my practice but new freind does and I really like the practice!

Apr 17th 2013 new
(Quote) Naomi-698107 said: Sign of the Cross, discreetly. I love my faith, I'm by no means ashamed of it, but I keep hearing Christ...
(Quote) Naomi-698107 said:

Sign of the Cross, discreetly. I love my faith, I'm by no means ashamed of it, but I keep hearing Christ's voice with that comment about how the Pharisees were out and proud with showmanship with their practices, not becasue of real piety, but because they wanted everyone to notice how gosh darn wonderful and holy they were.

Its like famous people who make a giant song and dance about how generous they are with their monies, and all us little Plebs gush with gratitude and awe at their fantastic love of humanity. (insert rolly eyed icon).

As Lenny said, "Its one less ivory backscratcher".


Nobody is talking about making a show of it.

But I am not ashamed of the Sign of the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Apr 17th 2013 new

yes i do

Apr 17th 2013 new
I'll always say grace in public (private too). It's a powerful witness and reminder to others. What's even better is to be gathered with friends (usually CMmers) and all of us making the Sign of the Cross and praying out loud our prayer. Praying I don't feel odd about it. In fact, if I don't do it, that feels odd.
Apr 17th 2013 new

Yes, always. I am, sadly, usually the only one in the restaurant who does but that does not bother me. As has been mentioned, it is a powerful witness to to others.

Apr 17th 2013 new

Yes, I do say grace in public. If I didn't say grace, I would be denying my Faith, and since it's in public, that would make me seem ashamed of my Faith before others. I know Catholics are sometimes uncomfortable standing out when they're in public; that's an individual call. I went to dinner a few months ago with some Catholic friends and no one seemed comfortable with saying grace until I started saying mine privately, and then they joined in. I get it, it's hard to take ridicule or the feeling of being different, but I've been through enough of that already in my life that I really don't care what people think of me anymore. I'm definitely not going to forego saying grace just because I feel awkward lol.

Catholic friends are obviously OK with saying grace; they do it privately, and sometimes they just need someone to take the lead and get it started in public. When I'm with my non-Catholic friends, I usually take a moment where the conversation is low (like when food arrives) to pray it silently and as unobtrusively as possible, since I don't want to make my friends uncomfortable. But they are always respectful - most will be silent while I'm praying, but I don't expect special treatment. Some will take the opportunity to ask about my beliefs, others don't, but saying grace doesn't deter having a good time.

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