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Mar 21st 2013 new

(Quote) Cheryl-409772 said: ...and one more thing to add to what Marianne said...Romney did NOT have anything given to him b...
(Quote) Cheryl-409772 said:

...and one more thing to add to what Marianne said...Romney did NOT have anything given to him because his father did not pass down his wealth to him, which means Romney earned it. He and his wife talk about their very first apartment....a dive. Romney is tight too. His son talks about how he glued something over a light rather than buy a new one. According to research on the wealthy, they are tight....I know one wealty person who even reuses garbage bags. Someone like this would have been good for our economy. Romney did, however, donate a LOT of money to charity....way more than Obama and Biden combined. Again, it is his right to use his money the way he sees fit rather than have govt. steal it, so rather than criminalizing him for investing his money in other countries....why not ask why he would need to do this....why does America drive away investors and businesses. Why do we have the highest corporate tax rate anywhere. All of this misunderstanding is from a lack of education and listening to false media. Did you know our imperialist monarchy now in charge took a 7 million dollar Christmas vacation to Hawaii....I am quite sure the media didn't report this on regular channels. Funny thing is when I shared this with a co-worker, she said, "yea but the media is always focusing more on him and bringing more stuff out." or something link that. I about died when she said it, but I kept my mouth shut....anyone should know better! Look at the way the media tore Bush apart for gas prices which now have tripled but no one blames pres. So, so, so many examples. Even England's royal family doesn't spend 7 million in a year on their trips much less for one vacation...this is money being stolen from tax payers.....yes, they are living like kings and queens at our expense. We live more in a monarcy than we do a democracy at this point.

I am so with you sista!

Mar 21st 2013 new

(Quote) Brian-699857 said: It's no secret the costs of Sandy were significantly higher than that of Katrina....
(Quote) Brian-699857 said:

It's no secret the costs of Sandy were significantly higher than that of Katrina. Still, the long term infrastructure projects had no specifics behind the requests. These include proposing when a project is to be started,the assumed improvements and projected completion. When a state simply says something to the effect of "...long term reinforcements and improvements..." it means nothing more than a money pit at the taxpayers expense.

The people that are homeless are a separate issue. Many of those housing claims are being handled through the national flood insurance program. NY and NJ have a large enough population that many people around the country know of someone that has been affected by that disaster. I have two friends who were displaced from the storm. It's hard to pinpoint what's happening on a daily basis because it's a moving target. The overriding problem is that most people who were, or currently are covered under the national flood insurance plan, which was consolidated from several different plans after hurricane Andrew 20 years ago, are underinsured. The national plan only covers a maximum of $250K worth of property insurance and $60K worth of personal belongings. That's a far cry from the million dollar home valuations many of these owners had in the affected regions, and is significantly different in policy terms from what people in other parts of the country purchase as full home value replacement cost.

But when we get to this point, it's important to remember that everyone blamed Bush for the delay in the payout from Katrina. Two things are at play. First, FEMA and every insurance company out there, do not staff full time employees to handle a disaster of this magnatude on a real time basis. If they did, the cost of insurance would be tens of thousands of dollars a year to the individual. I believe there were over 230,000 claims in NJ alone. That means you have to mobilize temporary adjusters, provide training, and each of those adjusters has to work through whatever guildelines FEMA provides, and the terms imposed by the insurance policies each homeowner had. A report issued last year by the DHS inspector general estimated that at least $643 million had been wrongly distributed to victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, to 160,000 households but still had not been recouped by the agency, even though it was aware of the apparent payment mistakes or fraud. The investigators found that FEMA was often too focused on simply giving out money and not on thoroughly checking to make sure the applicants had actually suffered as a result of the storm. As a result, checks have gone to owners of vacant lots, and rental assistance has been sent to families living in FEMA trailers.

It's not a pretty situation, but it still doesn't take away from what Christie said, in blaming the Republicans for only paying out $20B for the immediate short term needs and holding up the $40B of unspecified long term goals that they are surely going to come back to the table again down the road after they grease the palms of the local contractors.

I was a Katrina victim living in South Texas...not to the extent of Lousianna victims, but my garage took a hit. Anyway, under Bush, fema got there quick to question me...didn't do any good as I had insurance and didn't need them but they were pretty quick...somehow I doubt that would happen now.

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