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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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I would definitely google a guy before I met him. Catholicmatch is so isolated from the outside world that it would be important to a see a person's Internet footprints. Catholicmatch(CM) is different from Facebook where you can see a history of posts that can give you night into how a person spends his time or what he believes. I think it would cool if CM was more like Facebook where you update your status with silly or profound items..went to the game, babysat my nieces, lost my keys. Just a thought. And don't forget to google yourself. It's amazing how much is out there, at least for me:).
Mar 16th 2013 new

1. If I know a person's full name, yes, I do Google him. Several times I -- or a friend -- have done that with some shocking results. wide eyed

2. If I don't know the name, I listen and observe and maintian my autonomy in the relationship. Example, driving to a date on my own, only giving out my cellphone number, not the home phone.

3. Just because it's on FB doesn't mean it's true. I can name at least 5 folks I know who use a phony name on FB.

Mar 16th 2013 new
Of course just because its on Facebook doesn't mean it's true. I just mean the more data, the better. And I like the idea of updates. As I tell my nieces and nephews 1) don't believe anything you read on the Internet and 2) whatever you put on the Internet or email or text will live forever and haunt you. I am just a little paranoid and melodramatic but it's makes the point.
Mar 16th 2013 new

Perhaps I'm a bit trusting, but I really don't google people. This probably comes with most of my friends being people I've met IRL already and those internet friends I do have haven't ended up being bad people. When I facebook friend request people, sure it's nice when they have a lot out in the open for me to see and check with, but I actually prefer people have tight security where all I can see is their profile picture and a tiny bit of about information (such as location and school), it means they're alert on what changes facebook is making.

Either way googling me isn't going to do anyone any good, I have a common first name and while my last name isn't common for a last name at all, it's actually a pretty common word in its own right. Even using my full name "Rebecca" won't get you anywhere close to my internet footprint because I mostly leave it with my pen name. A quick google search of that proved nothing! I feel like a supersluth now, but my pen name's pretty common too, a few art and jewlery blogs, nothing about my writing at all. Probably if you knew the sites I frequented and my pen name you'd come up with something but very few people can actually put my pen name and my real name together.

Mar 17th 2013 new

Short answer: No! I'm pretty confident that I'm capable of sniffing out a axe murderer of con artist without Google.

Mar 17th 2013 new

I might at some point get curious enough to do a Google search, but it's only because I'm inherently nosy and not because I'm looking for some 'dirt' on him.

I do, however, know many women who have gotten some incredible 'dirt' by Googling..Court records and all that..Mostlly the men I have met have been exactly who they said they were.

Mar 17th 2013 new

Of course. Who doesn't? wink

Mar 17th 2013 new

(Quote) Mike307863 said: Of course. Who doesn't?
(Quote) Mike307863 said:

Of course. Who doesn't?

I would have no hesitation Googling anyone; that's why the service exists. I Google mysef every few months to ensure that any information abt me is accurate and professional.

Mar 17th 2013 new

I just googled myself with my location for kicks and giggles and then moved the link to my facebook page into inPrivate browsing so it would think I wasn't logged in. Can I just say how proud of my facebook security I am? You could see a few of my likes, my profile picture, my cover photo and that's it! The only other two things that pop up that are obviously connected to me (and not like Beka in one place and my last name in another) are Catholic Match and a comment my dad made on an article on FireRescue1 with a link to an article I wrote for his company about different map projections and stuff. I'm pretty proud of that article too, so I'm a happy camper!

Mar 17th 2013 new

I've had some trouble with foreign scammers before, so I always google a potential date. I would expect my future date to google me also. But, the real way to play it safe is to exchange several messages, and then phone conversations. There's nothing wrong with taking the time to get to know someone well before meeting them in person. I consider it a red flag if a potential date is impatient to get together.

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