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Mar 18th 2013 new

(Quote) Marge-938695 said: Cyber stalking? I don't think so. He doesn't know I'm doing it, and I am not maki...
(Quote) Marge-938695 said:

Cyber stalking? I don't think so. He doesn't know I'm doing it, and I am not making any contact with him. Research? Mmmm, yeah.

If I google someone, I don't think I'm invading his privacy. The ones who invade his privacy are the ones who post personal information on the web: the individuals themselves, their friends, their employers, etc..


Eh, it depends, certainly just doing a general sweep and finding out they're FB security isn't very tight and through that, sweeping their family's FB information, finding out that security isn't too tight either and finding out what you can that way, isn't too cyper stalker, but what they're talking about isn't general sweeping, it's activly getting in contact with family members and friends to find out about the person in question. It's a breach of basic trust. I got freaked out when my friend's uncle started messaging me on facebook because I hadn't realized that FB had changed some security features and now anyone with my name could message me.

Mar 18th 2013 new

(Quote) John-842063 said: So do I need to ask for a last name before we meet? I don't think I usually give mine...
(Quote) John-842063 said:

So do I need to ask for a last name before we meet? I don't think I usually give mine out before meeting her....


*nods* Last names should be reserved until right before meeting, but I think it's absolutly essential to exhange last names at some point! My internet footprint that acutally doesn't exist anyway apperantly name has a first and last name, granted it's my pen name for when I eventually publish, but still! It probably comes from being used to being called by my last name all through middle school and high school and from being friends with multiple Rebecca's, and sharing a lunch table with two of them for a whole year in high school, but I think last names are essential for distinguishing people.

Mar 18th 2013 new
My point exactly. We need to be cautious and prudent but there are some lines being crossed here. Why do we need to have all of that information including bankruptcy information before going out on a date with someone? Prudence requires respect and balance as well. Personally that would be a dealbreaker and a red flag for me if I knew someone was doing that even though I have nothing to hide. next people will want potentials to bring bank statements and references to a date
Mar 18th 2013 new

[quote]Shara-929649 said: "We need to be cautious and prudent"

Kudos, Shara. I'll just borrow and ditto your comment.

Mar 18th 2013 new

Very true.
My policy is, I don't contact anyone who is not of my own generation. (No nieces or friends of my kids.)

Mar 18th 2013 new


When my kids go out for the evening, I always tell them, "Keep your brain turned on."

Mar 18th 2013 new

clap clap clap

Mar 18th 2013 new

I am known in my circle of family and friends to be able to find just about anything on the internet. I even helped a friend track down her kid's dead beat dad. As part of my last job, I always google searched potential employees and was amazed at what you could find. Now that I am job searching, I google myself regularly to make sure I know what potential employers and others are seeing about me.

I have the same concerns as Kate when it comes to protecting my son. In this day and age, I think that Google searching someone you meet on-line, just kind of seems natural, especially for women. People are usually on their best behavior when you are first getting to know them. I have met people who have FB "likes" that I find rather offensive or who in their pictures are acting in ways I do not find attractive. I have even met somone that used his wedding picture as his profile picture! There was a story on the news not too long ago about a woman that was raped by someone she met on a christian dating site. You just never know who you are meeting. I'd rather appologize to someone for "invading their privacy" by google searching them than get myself into a situation that I regret.

Mar 18th 2013 new

(Quote) William-607613 said: Kathryn,I think we can state the obvious ad nauseum but from taking a ...
(Quote) William-607613 said:


I think we can state the obvious ad nauseum but from taking a quick look at the responses to this subject, I think people either miss the subject completely or are hyper-sensitive to it.


I thought it was obvious. But, it wasn't to everyone.


Mar 18th 2013 new

This is an interesting question.

Typically, I'd only Google someone to follow up on something in a conversation that would be relevant to our relationship. I understand why women would be more sensitive to this than men for reasons related to safety, etc. -- but I've never had a problem with a woman who turned out to be something other than who she said she was.

I suspect this is more of a concern with long-distance relationships, especially international ones.

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