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Mar 25th 2013 new

I went for an early morning walk on the beach and what a pleasant surprise! Someone called my name and when I look, it's my former neighbor whom I havent seen for 20+ years! Said that when he got married he moved to South America...became a widower (no children) and decided to come back in the US and lived at another state for some years then decided to move to Long Beach CA. We chatted as we walked and we ended at a nearby restaurant (for breakfast) and continued the conversation. To make the story short, he gave me his phone number and asked mine, said he will call me tonight and wanted to talk some more. Hhmmmm... scratchchin biggrin

Mar 25th 2013 new

I saw a brand new, lovely polished American drive Corvette, coupe. I'm not sure of the exact model and year as I was driving past it and it was driving in the opposite direction.

But it truly was such a thing of beauty.

God made man. Man made Corvette. Nothing that stunning could be evil. Nothing. Well, except the price tag.

Mar 25th 2013 new

(Quote) Elizabeth-726465 said: (Quote) Lauren-927923 said: I am sitting here and it is cold and gray ...
(Quote) Elizabeth-726465 said:

Lauren-927923 said:

I am sitting here and it is cold and gray and gloomy outside, but lying next to me is my 3 and a half month old grandson Aiden. He is so beautiful, happy, content, interactive and smiling those great huge baby smiles that are so pure and true and making sweet cooing noises and giggles, and I am struck at what an incredibly beautiful gift it is to spend this icky moment in his company.

I try to seek something beautiful in every day and be thankful for that spot of beauty in a rather stark and harsh world sometimes. I try to get my kiddos to do the same.

So what are some of the things you have unexpectedly encountered in a rough or ugly day that reminded you of the beauty of God's world, made you smile or stop for a moment in awe of its beauty and be thankful for the experience??

Not sure this is the right forum for the question but figured it was a good place to start :-). Lauren

I went to Adoration and "Behold I saw the Son of God in The Most Blessed Sacrament'. I saw felt The Sonshine and got a Son burn on my's all red!


Elizabeth, I saw and felt the son as well today!! What a gift we are given of our Lord in the Eucharist! He is my sonshine! theheart flower Dove

Mar 25th 2013 new

Snow falling at sunrise coming out of Mass... Covered everything.

Mar 25th 2013 new

The smiles on my family, friends' and co-workers' faces! :)

Mar 26th 2013 new

After digging the the sand box at my preschool, I had to move to make a second mound because to many children where playing in the space. I went on break and still children played in the sandbox.

Mar 26th 2013 new

(Quote) Beverly-649723 said: Two wild turkeys--a mated pair--went strutting across my front yard as I rolled the garbage can...
(Quote) Beverly-649723 said:

Two wild turkeys--a mated pair--went strutting across my front yard as I rolled the garbage can out to the road! Although they are wild in the forest here, I have never seen them in my yard before! I thank God for all his Creatures!!


I missed the Turkeys- they were there as we drove past the field
saw the first bluebells budding between their leaves- and a pain
or canadas with eggs on their nest, snow everywhere today
after our storm, but of beauty
A doe(Doe a deer a female deer"sing") leapt across our path
in the woods today(of course it could have been a buck as they
are losing their antlers) the power of such a huge animal
can take your breath away- saw something ugly I had to bring back with me Blinded by love

Mar 26th 2013 new

Old pics and letters.....How time flies! hug

Mar 26th 2013 new
Children. Lots of them!!
Mar 26th 2013 new
I just saw a beautiful red cardinal at the bird feeder from the window. He looks so happy, and full of energy,for an adventurous day. wave
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