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Apr 5th 2013 new
At 37 if a woman that is 5-6 years younger is "creeped out" by your age then you're probably better off without her. It is interesting to view the the age range that people put on their profiles.
Jul 14th 2013 new
Speaking for myself, I've gone three years younger and would go eleven older, but it would mostly be on a case-by-case basis. It's worked for my different family members- my grandma was eleven years younger than grandpa, and on the other hand, my brother is a year and a half younger than his wife (who he met on CM).

Side note to the gentlemen: If you're worried about the age gap with a woman you're currently talking to, it's likely that you don't need to be ...The guys who chase after too-much younger women, never pick up on how they appear to others. If you have enough sensitivity to be aware, you're likely fine. Fifteen year cutoff as a general rule of thumb, though.
Jul 15th 2013 new
I tend to look younger which I guess is often why I get views from much younger guys. It's genetics though my dad and all his family look younger. I didn't get much grey hair till the last few years or so and my dad didn't have any till he was 60ish. I prefer though to not to date guys much more than 6 years younger to 10 years older. When a guy who I feel is too old makes advances it just feels creepy to me. I know some would consider 10-20 years older ok but for me no for others if it works for them more power to them just not me.
Jul 15th 2013 new
Like a lot of women in their mid-twenties who have responded, I don't have much interest in guys that are younger than me -- 1 or 2 years is fine, but I am willing to date men up to 7 years older than me... or I have in the past. I imagine if someone 10 years older than me really pursued me and seemed genuinely interested in me, I might even go that much older.
Jul 15th 2013 new
Yes too much younger in your 20s could be
Jul 15th 2013 new
Five years either way +/-. Unless your 20, than there could be trouble! laughing
Jul 15th 2013 new
Thanks for the topic Luke, I've often wondered about this myself. I think in general women are less likely to date men younger than themselves, at least when you're in your 20's/30's. The gap in maturity seems to decrease as we age so perhaps I would be more open to consider dating younger as I get older...of course I'm speaking in generalizations and there are exceptions to everything. I'm much more likely to date an older man, up to ten years older or more depending on circumstances. Like the other women said, if you click, you click.
Jul 15th 2013 new
Each person is different. For me I prefer someone my age or up to ten years older. I have a friend who is married to a man 15 years older than her and that works for them. It really is a matter of personal preference.
Jul 16th 2013 new
Wow! I am surprised! I am 60 and my range is 50-64, although I really try to look at 55-61year old men. That is a change for me considering that when I was 18-20 I was dating men from 25-32. Now though, many men in their mid 60's to mid 70's seem to have health problems that might be problematic in a relationship.
Jul 16th 2013 new
It depends on the person, but I generally won't date anyone who is five years younger. I would date a man 5-8 years older, though.
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