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Jul 24th 2013 new
With your looks, no wonder the younger guys! You go girl!
Jul 26th 2013 new
Hi Luke,
Personally, I would look for someone around 29 to 36. If he was 2 or 3 years younger then I can also deal with that. I think age is relative and I believe that age is nothing but a number when it comes to maturity. There are 30+ guys who act like in their 20's and vice versa. The most important thing is that you get to know each other very well and to see if you're comfortable with each other. But a 20 year age gap is a bit creepy for me, I'm definitely not looking for a father figure nor do I want to be his mother/cougar :)
Jul 26th 2013 new
Generally, I only date guys who are closer to my age than my mom's age ;).
Jul 26th 2013 new
For some reason I used to date only younger men, with the exception of a few that were maybe 2 -years older than me...but now, I am more interested in about 4-10 yrs older, but unfortunately they seem to want 20-somehing women.
Jul 27th 2013 new
I generally look at men who are -4 or +4 of my age. It's a tight range but not really if you consider the difference between the youngest and the oldest is 8 years. I sometimes make exceptions to the rule though and go up several years past 32 and go down to 23. I feel like I relate to people closer to my age, so as a general rule for me it's 24-32.
Jul 27th 2013 new
I've usually only been open to men around my age, within a couple of years, but lately I'm trying to be more open-minded and taking into consideration men 6-8 years older than me. I'm not so much open to men younger than me.
Jul 27th 2013 new
I think it depends on where you are in life. In my observation, the years of about 25 to 45/50 are all kind of relevant. The are the prime years of adulthood...............before reaching 'middle age' of 50's or so. When one is older or younger than what has been touted "the best years of my life' (25 - 50), it becomes much more complicated.

Closer to 50, some have aged well, and enjoyed good health, some not. The age gap becomes much more noticeable again. Even with generational issues and experiences. (I am just below the 'baby boomer' generation and I have cousins 6 to 12 years older than me.........what a difference! My cousins ( not all people this age)...they are the leftover hippie generation, burning bras, women's lib, don't trust the government, eveything should be a program, save the whales, kill the babies, cure the environment but who cares about curing the soul, granola, marijuana eyepopping eyepopping and Birkenstock)...I cant even relate to these ideas, and they actually include people born in 1962 ( 1 year younger than me) as part of this baby boom generation!

So if you are 24.....5 years younger is a 19 year old, ten years younger is a 14 year old kid! Well, at 49, 11 years older is 60! UGH!! My head is still in relative middle age, not 'grandparents' age.

I am not yet 50, and it seems the majority of people reaching out to me are well into their 60s. I'm sure they are lovely people and I dont mean to be I'm not Angelina, and I'm not looking for Brad Pitt!

But I feel I am very active, am fairly attractive for my age( not dated looking in my style or attitudes), enjoy good health, have a variety of interests, stable and I feel young and energetic....etc. I would like someone closer to my age. Ideal would be 47 to 52...a five year range. I know that may seem very narrow, and so, at this stage in life, I open it up a bit: 45 - 55. This is a 10 years span and I think is reasonable.

I have had some suggest that age should not be an issue. Well, if that is so, the 63 year olds (13 years older than me) that have reached out to me should have no trouble meeting my mom. She is 76, looks fantastic for her age, and is in good health, and a fun person ( great cook too)! I think most 63 year old men would cringe at dating at 76 year old women. They probably have family members/Aunties that age!

My point is ....when one is older (50 +), that 12 - 15 year age difference becomes a LOT again. It feels like a MUCH BIGGER GAP than the difference between 32 and 45.

Jul 30th 2013 new
Great topic! It goes along with, "what do some women really want?"

I have had the experience of dating professional women who were 34 and 36, 10+ years my junior to be very grounded healthy, and marriage material, while others have been in their late 20's, early 30's and even 5 years older than me and they seem personally stuck at age 18 or 21, irresponsible, immature and crazy.

My theory is this, that age is a state of mind and of maturity. I have seen happily married couples with up to 20 years age differences who share laughter, love, outdoor activities, cultural interests, faith, and can also be serious when they need to be - the whole package in my mind.

Finding that partner is the challenge for me, because for some woman I have dated, either do not really know what they want in a partner or in life, lack life experiences, and in other cases have strong preconceived notions of age differences rather than focusing and accessing what truly matters - the character, chemistry, positive traits, values, fun, laughter and important attributes of the partner.

What do you think ladies?
Jul 31st 2013 new
The question persists:
Why is it more acceptable for a man to date a woman significantly younger
than him than it is for a woman to do the same?

Jul 31st 2013 new
I personally don't think it's accepted any more than what you or I are thinking. I've dated ten years older than me and ten years younger than me. It was me that ended the ten years younger and he was pursuing for a little over a year and I really liked him but felt awkward. I WAS the one who had the problem with the age and felt awkward when in all reality it probably was ok. But as I date now I don't think it has anything to do with age but relationships. It is about how you feel and intertwine with the person younger or older than you:)
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