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Sep 2nd 2013 new
For me, 2 years younger, 10 years older. I have dated outside that, younger and older, but for a long term relationship, I like someone with similar experiences.
Sep 2nd 2013 new
(quote) Sherry-1000959 said: After reading some of these forum responses...I wonder what age range the men are seeking?
About anything at this point...
Sep 17th 2013 new
I used to think that my limit's five years over/under. I had to rethink the age limit this year though as I had an amazing spiritual connection with someone ten years younger. So.. it doesn't much what the age difference is as long as you really enjoy each others company and in my case, have an excellent time sharing about our relationship with God :)
Sep 17th 2013 new

Had a relationship 10 years older than me. It lasted for seven years.. i still prefer older than me... wink
Nov 6th 2013 new
I will typically only look up in age about 5 years, but I'm willing to go 10 years younger. I just don't know how many women want to date 10 years older than themselves. What if I look a lot younger than I am? People tend to think I'm in my mid-20's, instead of being 35. It's one reason I keep my hair short.....hides the grays better!
Nov 6th 2013 new
my default is 54 to 76. I think over 69 is too old for me.
Nov 6th 2013 new
I'm okay with 1 or 2 years younger but will consider a guy upto 10 years older. :)
Nov 6th 2013 new
(quote) Sara-979131 said: The question persists:
Why is it more acceptable for a man to date a woman significantly younger
than him than it is for a woman to do the same?

I'll take a stab at answering this.

It's a cultural legacy from the time when men and only men were primary bread-winners. Because women couldn't work and because they were often legally prohibited from inheriting property, fathers were economically encouraged to marry off their daughters as soon as possible (think of Pride and Prejudice). At the same time, men could not afford a wife until they had established themselves in the world (in business, the trades, etc). These twin imperatives created the spousal age disparities of which you speak, and which are still commonplace in traditional cultures in the Middle East, parts of Asia, etc.

In post-industrial economies where women have entered the workforce and achieved a measure of economic independence, it is not unusual for such women to marry much later, or to not marry at all. Many of my women friends are careerists, in their mid-40s, who have never been married. This is increasingly becoming the norm, especially for those women who have the opportunity to attend elite colleges. The stereotypical "cougar" is precisely this sort of highly educated and super-successful career-oriented woman.

In short, economic conditions largely determine what is or is not acceptable. But these conditions can change, and we're seeing those changes in effect now, at least in the post-industrial West.
Nov 10th 2013 new
usually -4 years to +5 years but there are exceptions to the rule
Nov 11th 2013 new
I think this question changes for me as I grow older and wiser...

I prefer a man between 40 - 55+ ... I really don't like going any younger than but would go as young as 35. Age isn't everything but I don't want to date someone who is young enough to be my biggrin
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