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Dec 30th 2013 new
Most women would say they'd consider up to 10 years older, but probably not more than a couple of years younger. In reality, more and more I'm seeing that as long as you establish a good connection with each other, age really doesn't matter. In my case, my dad was 16 years older than my mom and it's almost the same case with my sister and her husband. A few years ago, my 27 year old best friend met her then 22 year old would-be husband. At the time, we all thought it was scandalous how young the guy was. He was positively scrawny! But then when I got to meet him and have a conversation with him, I understood why my best friend really loved him. Despite his scrawny appearance, he was completely grounded and quite mature (more mature than the husbands of my other friends).

The only true sad thing about this is that normally judgment's already made about a person even before allowing for any interaction to take place. People get stuck on the info about a person's age and doors close. In the cases I mentioned above, connections were made simply because people struck up a conversation. My parents worked in the same office just like my best friend and her now 26 year old husband. My sister simply joined a table with her friends and other people, and got left behind with the man who's now her husband. It's just that simple. Unfortunately, it seems it's not that easy.
Dec 30th 2013 new
theheart making friends here is fine theheart , but my viewers are usually much older which is not what I want for dating
[99% of my traffic is ''drive bys'' laughing ]

imho you can never have too many helpers to get to heaven.
Jan 1st 2014 new
Wikipedia has a page on this topic:

Most Americans (60%) marry someone within a few years of their own age, and the man it typically the same age or older. Obviously, the other 40% have an age gap of more than 3 years. And 'normal' is just a setting on your dryer.

If you wish to avoid the 'creepiness factor' in pursuing a younger woman, you can always follow the 'half your age + 7 years' rule. This means you should not date someone younger than 7 years more than half your age. So, if you are 35, do not go for people younger than 25. But if you are 50, your 'lower limit' would be 32. And if you are 24, you should stay away from anyone under 17 (legally, avoiding anyone under 18 is a good idea!). The idea of this rule is that age differences become less important as you get older, but you still don't want to be dating someone 'half your age.'

Personally, I think 40 sounds too old for me, but what do I know?
Jan 1st 2014 new
Correction: I can do math, really! That younger example was for a 20-year old; the 'half your age plus seven years' for a 24 year old would be 19.
Jan 4th 2014 new
Here is the problem I see with that rule. I think people who follow it are trying to get people too much younger than them. For example, why isn't it called "minus seven and double your age"? The reasoning doesn't make sense beyond a certain age, and the older you get, the wider it is in both directions. For example, you are 33. That means your lower limit is 23 or 24 and your upper limit is 50. If I was 33 I couldn't see myself with either, and I bet you many people like this rule, but only because it lets them date people much younger than themselves, not much older. Now for the 50 year old man 33 probably sounds great, but here is the thing: by this reasoning you could have yourself a 24 year old (not that you want either). An 86 year old woman could have a 50 year old man if she believed in this rule. I think the 50 year old man would prefer the 33 year old woman. Just a guess. biggrin
Jan 13th 2014 new
(quote) Jennifer-397634 said:

I usually only look a year or two younger than myself but as high as 10 years older. I once dated a very nice man who was 9 years older than me. I don't know if I'm a normal example, but I like the older men, they are more steady and seem to be more certain about what they want in life.

I totally agree with Jennifer! I prefer older men. Ten years is a good number!

Have a nice week!

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