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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Mar 25th 2013 new

We have let a lot of the generalized "where are the..." or "why are all the.." threads go but we are going to start being more restrictive. Generally they serve to put down generalize in a negative way a large group of people, often create a thread which is of a non-charitable nature and really do not assist singles in lifestyle or dating.

Mar 25th 2013 new

(Quote) Tiffiany-902101 said: Gary, If you want to start your own thread asking where the certain type of woman you are seeking is,...
(Quote) Tiffiany-902101 said: Gary, If you want to start your own thread asking where the certain type of woman you are seeking is, feel free. As far as women who can cook, clean, etc. you can add that to my list of qualities. I'm pretty much a jack of all trades. It's what typically happens when you have to become an adult at 14 and raise your two younger siblings. However, I will not be 100% a housewife and homeschool my children. I didn't work countless hours in school and invest in my education to have it be for nothing. As far as a man who is financially stable, I'm not talking about a millionaire/billionaire type nor rapstars, football players, or celebrities. At the core of the problem is that people who cannot make money, do not make money, or squander what they have have a lack of discipline, self-control, and Godliness. Like I said, if you want to start your own "Wanted Ad" feel free but don't rain on my parade. And as far as men using excuses of how society and the media represents them to justify their lack of ambition, education, work ethic, etc--spare me. For years women were not allowed to vote, hold certain jobs, make as much as men, allowed to own land, etc. etc. Did we gripe about it? Sure. But we sure as h*** didn't let is define us or use it as an excuse to maintain the status quo. If a man wants to be a man, be a leader, and step up to the plate let him do so and not let his circumstances nor society squander that. Otherwise it sounds like a cop-out to me.

The CM forums are for discussions, not posting personal Wanted ads or soliciting only responses that we might want th hear. You started a discussion, Gary responded on topic.

Also, please be aware that the forum rules do not permit curse words, including those masked with other characters. The offending term has been removed.

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