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Growth: A sign of life

Mar 25th 2013 new

So, Cardinal Newman once said that growth is the only sign of life. So, how have you grown recently? How do you plan to grow in the future?

For young Catholics especially, it seems to me that there are many opportunities for us to grow. How amazing! Last summer I received a scolarship to pray and study with the Community of St. John for a month in Bismarck, ND ( It served as a touchstone for the energy, curiosity, faith, and love that come from deepening communion with our Lord. It enabled me to grow.

So anyways... young people out there: how are you growing?

Mar 25th 2013 new

Here's a link that actually works:

Mar 27th 2013 new

(Quote) So anyways... young people out there: how are you growing?

So anyways... young people out there: how are you growing?


Challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone more in my personal life rather than in my employment life.... if that makes any sense which it probabl doesn't, but I mean that I'm taking chances that I would not have even a year ago, like I'm buying my first (new) car this weekend, am planning on doing some things that I've wanted to do for a while now and just haven't made the time for... that sort of thing. Spiritually I'm holding myself to a stricter prayer schedule.

Mar 27th 2013 new

Thanks for sharing that, Jessica. How wonderful that you are stepping out of your comfort zone

I too, am growing through discipline, I think. In different ways. The large ammount of studying that I have to accomplish almost constantly has enabled me to develop a greater deal of self control. There are often things I would rather be doing with my time than sitting at a desk with my textbooks for 10-14 hours straight. Thankfully, this discipline has spilled over into other areas of my life.

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