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Does anybody have some special recipes that they make for Good Friday , Easter Sunday or any part of Lent?
I saw a show on EWTN where they were cooking special meals for these Holy Days:

(I hope this link works....first time I've tried this!)

It would be fun to also hear from those people who live in different countries that celebrate with special meals and traditions.


Mar 28th 2013 new

I found the following on a wonderful Catholic blog called Catholic Cuisine:

From Father Francis Weiser in Handbook of Christian Feasts and Customs (emphasis mine):

"It was a universal custom (and still is in Catholic countries) to mark a new loaf of break with the sign of the cross before cutting it, in order to bless it and thank God for it. On special occasions the cross was imprinted on the loaf before baking, as on the Christmas loaves in southern France and in Greece, the Kreuzstollen (cross loaf) in Germany, the cross bread of Mid-Lent among the Slavs. On Good Friday, loaves bearing an imprinted cross (Karfreitaglaib) are eaten in Austria. In England, from the end of the fourteenth century, buns were baked with a cross marked on them. They are said to have originated at Saint Alban's Abbey in 1361, where the monks distributed them to the poor. Whatever their origin, these "hot cross buns" became a famous Good Friday feature in England and Ireland, and later in this country. They were made of spiced dough, round in shape, with a cross made of icing on the top. In recent times these cross buns are sold not only on Good Friday but all through Lent."

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