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Tobias and Sarah's story is from the Book of Tobit, and his journey is guided by Saint Raphael.
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Apr 2nd 2013 new

Judith, thank you for sharing your story! I loved reading it and I know others will too!

Apr 2nd 2013 new

(Quote) Judith-821315 said: I have been reading the posts concerning dating in the '50's. Since none ot the people w...
(Quote) Judith-821315 said:

I have been reading the posts concerning dating in the '50's. Since none ot the people who posted were around to date then, I'll offer some of what my daing experiences were. First off our parents were our examples of what love and marriage was about. I can say that all of my friends were from 2 parent families and were raised with curfews, chores, and all the other "mean" things that parents demanded. We attended school, Church was not something that we could choose to attend, we went as a family and went to confession every week. Our social sphere was the schools and our churches, our tv entertainment was limited, and there were no video games. So our world was very limited back then in one sense, but we interacted face to face which in my view is still the best way to meet people. Dating was very simple, one met a boy, went to a movie, out for a bite and home, where at least one parent was waiting up. School dances were well chaparoned, parents new when they started and when they ended, so one had better be back by a certain time. I am sure back seats were used by some but when one has parental supervision, one doesn't have much leeway to stray. I know all this sounds foreign to you younger people, who grew up in a shrinking world where parents aremore liberal, but I can tell you that I am no worse for my limited experience. I met my husband of 50 years when we were seniors in different parochial schools. His sophomore in college we were married, had the first of five sons when he graduated from college. Our boys dated to most of the same rules that my husband and I were brought up. Of course because of changing times there was always compromises that we could live with. They boys have all been married for over 20 years so those rules that we and they lived by haven't done us a disservice. I realize all this sound very simple, but it was not much easier to live a chaste life then than it is now. We were faced with the same physical challenge that today challenge people in the dating scene. Maybe the world looks on these challenges in a different light of the "sexual Freedom" but I don't think God does. Stick to your values, believe it or not at my age it is still difficult to find a gentleman who agrees that ones immortal soul is more important "sexual freedom". Maybe someday I'll me another man like my late spouse, that will think I am worth the wait. But until, I am enjoying living a full life, with respect for God, Myself and Others.


Isn't it sad? I obviously wasn't around in the 1950s but I've noticed that things have gone downhill even during the time I've been around. Years ago I don't remember seeing many people covered with tattoos or several earrings. Nowadays a large percentage of Americans are covered in "body art." Self-hatred seems to be quite prevalent, considering what people do to themselves.

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A lot simpler....face to face.....usually the result of an in person introduction or being at a social event.

Also in many or most cases an immediate family awareness as these introductions actually happenned.

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(Quote) Dan-28682 said: Courtship used to be the convention, not dating. If you were courting someone, you likely would go o...
(Quote) Dan-28682 said:

Courtship used to be the convention, not dating. If you were courting someone, you likely would go over to their house andly spend time with their family...not time alone with each other in an anonymous setting where you didn't know anyone else. The urbanization of America and the easy access to automobiles has changed that...and probably not for the good.


I concur. And if there was a thing of trust, you could go over someone's house and not fear them acting inappropriate either. Bonding was more important to the relationship. Though maybe I watched too much Happy Days growing up.

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Thanks a lot Judith.

God Bless,


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