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This room is for discussion for anyone who adheres to the Extraordinary form of the mass and any issues related to the practices of Eastern Rite Catholicism.

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Jul 13th 2013 new
(quote) Chelsea-743484 said:

1) The Catholic Controversy - a collection of treatises of St. Francis de Sales

2) The Breviloquium - St. Bonaventure

3) The Way of Divine Love - Sr. Josefa Menendez

4) True Devotion to Mary - St. Louis de Montfort

5) The Secrets of the Rosary - St. Louis de Montfort

my "bonus book" would be :

The Roman Catechism (i.e., the Catechism of the Council of Trent)

1) True Devotion (NOT the new version by Montfort Brothers/ Montfort Publications) along with Preparation for Total Consecration (in the back) by St.Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort

2) Fundamentals of Catholic dogma, by Dr. Ludwig Van Ott

3) Uniformity to God's Will (actually a short treatise) by Father of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguouri

4.) 100- year old Douay-Rheims Bible

5) My '62 Missal.

Ok, if numbers 4 an 5 do not qualify because in this thread they were "givens", then I would say...

4) My two-part publication of "Lamentabili Sane" along with "Pascendi Dominicis Gregis"

5) Sources of Catholic Dogma (out of print)
Jul 13th 2013 new
Wow. I might replace "Sources" with "The Fire Within", though.

Also, I may add "The Devout Life" by St. Francis de Sales".

After that, then "Story of a Soul" by St. Therese of Lisieux
Jul 19th 2013 new
Currently: "Ladder of Perfection" aka "Scale of Perfection" by Walter Hilton
Recently: "Prayers and Meditations of St. Anselm" (Penguin)
Less recently: "Life of St. Columba" by St. Admomnan of Iona
A lot less recently: "Secret of the Rosary" by St. Louis de Montfort and "City of God" by St. Augustine
Jul 21st 2013 new
Eucharistic Miracles

Sunday Sermons of the Great Fathers by the Church Fathers

The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda (but also St. Augustine).

A Tour of the Summa by MSGR Paul J. Glenn

Not by Faith Alone The Biblical Evidence for the Catholic Doctrine of Justification by Robert A. Sungenis

Jul 26th 2013 new
1. Catholicism
2. Summa Theologiae
3. Cathecism of the Catholic Church
4. The Story of a Soul
5. Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives
Jul 27th 2013 new
1. Theology of the Body for Beginners by Christopher West
2. The YouCat
3. Padre Pio: Man of Hope
4. The Way
5. Kathryn Spink's biography of Mother Theresa
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