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Apr 7th 2013 new

[quote]Rachel-731570 said: "I laughed. "

I think that would have been my response! Then, I would have thought, thank goodness!

Apr 7th 2013 new

Oh, it needs more sass than that! laughing

Apr 8th 2013 new
Yes, these Interview/Temperament tests on here are a waste of time. Just read the persons profile,ask some follow up questions to other things you want to know and go from there.
Apr 8th 2013 new
I am Frank-410833 and I have spoken. laughing
Apr 8th 2013 new

Personally, I appreciate the temperament assessment because you can see how a person "operates". I was in a relationship once in which the guy was always upset with some of the ways I did things. If he had truly understood that was just the way I am, perhaps he wouldn't have so frustrated with my low-key approach to life, etc. But one needs to accept, not just understand--if they are capable of doing so, of course.

Apr 8th 2013 new

I think the interviews are fun. I wish more people had them on their profiles. I included many of my own questions on my interview. No single question was a deal breaker, but, when I look at the answers in their totality sometimes it seems likeley that the person would not be a good match. However, I can't imagine telling someone they "answered everything wrong". That just seems rude

Apr 10th 2013 new
(Quote) Steven-958229 said: The interview questions do not have 'right' or 'wrong' answers......Whats your favorit...
(Quote) Steven-958229 said:

The interview questions do not have 'right' or 'wrong' answers......Whats your favorite dessert? is ask for an opinion not a fact and can be 'right' or 'wrong'.


It's just as doing what suits your personality is no wrong answer.
Apr 10th 2013 new

The answer to one of my questions is a make or break even if it is not the obvious question for such. This is because I can't understand, nor want to understand, how someone could willing be put through such torture in my mind, lol. Now try and figure out the question raspberry

Apr 11th 2013 new
I think the interview portion of a profile has many functions. First my interview tells him something about me. His answers tell me something about him. The answers do help me to evaluate to what degree we might be compatible. And finally, the interview inspires and prompts further contact (I think many MANY people have neglected to craft their interviews with this in mind!)

Do I craft my questions with certain answers weighing in his favor over others? Of course. As far as far as right or wrong answers? Sure there are right and wrong answers. They don't necessarily correspond to my answer to the same question. Not every question has a preferred answer, but there are choices that I find more appealing in a man than others. And it is definitely a wrong answer if he is being disingenuous.

For more about crafting a good interview, check out this CM blog post. wink
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