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Apr 15th 2013 new

I think I am qualified to add to this forum.

My deceased husband was a heavy smoker who had his first cigarette when he was around 14. When we were engaged, I encouraged him to stop smoking, advising him of all the health risks. While he was dating me (it was a very brief courtship) and then after we were married, he tried to cease smoking, but after a few weeks gave in to the temptation of just one cigarette and then could not stop at one. He tried for 3 times and each time he failed after a few weeks.

After one year of marriage he finally decided to give up smoking totally. He had in his possession 2 cartoons each having over 100 packets of cigarettes. He used to work overseas and did not like the local Indian smokes. So he would bring his stack for the 3 months he was on leave. He chose a date and he smoked non-stop for the entire day till midnight. Then he put off the cigarette he had, took the cartoons and put them in a bin. His brother, a non- smoker was upset at him as he could have easily sold the foreign cigarettes. These were in high demand in our country and could have fetched him a large amount of money. However my husband stated that if it was bad for him, he could not allow someone else to use them. That was the end of his cigarette smoking. He gave up cold turkey at the age of 34 after smoking for 20 years of his life. After a year of not smoking, he could not physically tolerate passive smoking. Unfortunately, the cigarettes he had smoked caused their damage. He was diagnosed with lung cancer, 19 years after he had ceased smoking and died two years later. I am certain that if he had continued to abuse his body, he would have died much younger.

He told me that when he decided to stop smoking, he told himself that that was the last day he would smoke. He refused to use the word "try" to stop because he said that when he tried, he could keep off smoking for some time but gave in to pressure or an offer of a cigarette. But when he decided that he would not "try" but stop, he was able to stop. He also prayed the Memorare asking Mother Mary to help him and to the Holy Spirit so that he could look after his body as the temple of his God. According to him, it was this mindset and prayers that helped him. He did not use patches. The only thing that he used was to replace the urge with chewing gum, and gradually he reduced this too.

I would not be honest if I did not say that his love for me too was a motivating factor in ceasing smoking.I used to be very sad seeing him smoke and prayed that he would have the grace to cease. Besides being mindful of the effects of cigarettes on his health, I also did not like his breath and so deep kissing really put me off.

That is why I will not date any man who is a smoker. I am afraid he too will die at a young age due to smoking.

I pray and hope that the electronic cigarette will help you cease smoking. God Bless

Apr 15th 2013 new
Great topic! I need and want to quit myself. It's an horrible addiction! I have been an RN for 22 years. I have seen many people, heard many stories and even watched many patients & family members suffer with the chronic diseases and side effects that many people get from smoking. Even though I witness many suffer from COPD to lung cancer. I cannot seem to quit myself though I instruct others to stop smoking. (I need to practice what I preach) I think the best way is to quit cold turkey, as many family, friends & patients say has worked for them. Recently somewhere, I heard the e-cig is just as bad as the real thing. I am not sure where I heard this though, & I cannot verify its accuracy. As for me, I have been smoking for over 22 years. The problem is that I like it, even though its horrible for us! @ Rhonda, I thank you for your beautiful post & stop smoking prayer. I am going to try to print this out & say it constantly. (I just have to figure out how to print cuz I am horrible with computers.... Being a nurse my whole life) God bless & peace to all!
Apr 15th 2013 new

Hi Ladies! I am posting as someone who was a notorious chainsmoker for five years. What finally worked for me (and doctors will not advise this, but if you're desparate and do not have hypertension or heart problems...) I used the full strength patch and chewed full strength gum at the same time. I had to use the first two steps for the patches and then switched to gum. I thought nothing would get me to quit after trying Wellbutrin, Chantix and repeatedly failing with nicotine patches.

Personally I would be weary of electronic ciggies because to some extent you still have the hand motions and other behaviors that mimic smoking the real thing. Good luck and God Bless!

Apr 15th 2013 new

I meant to say "and then I switched to gum only". Too bad there is no edit button

Apr 15th 2013 new
Hi there!
Apr 15th 2013 new
Frank is in the house!
Apr 16th 2013 new

Hi frank! Welcome wink

Hi Pauline, sorry about your husband. You mean he smoked so many cigarettes in one day and then stopped? Am I right? I have heard that some people have done it and were successful, one of my friends told me that after smoking many cigarettes in one day, it was like I hated smoking and was feeling sick in stomach but it helped. She is not smoking anymore.

Lisa, you mean Nicotine Gums or regular gums? Because I have heard that Nicotine Gums cause Mouth Cancer!

Apr 16th 2013 new

Nicotine Gum. I'm sure if you chew it for a long time you will get cancer, but in my case, if I had kept exposing myself to ciggarette smoke, it would have been even worse. I'm just saying that I had to use it along with the patch because I continued to smoke still, even with the full strength patch. However, after the first two steps of the patch I thought that I could do without it. So I quit using the patch and kept on with the gum for another 4 weeks. Haven't smoked since 2008 and I do not ever see myself relapsing, no matter the amount of stress. Good luck to you!

Apr 18th 2013 new

Perfect success with the patch. Start at Step 2, as Step 1's are like an IV of pure nicotine. If you are a daily smoker and smoke up to a pack, start at Step 2. It really takes the edge off of quitting. The first two days are the toughest. Use Step 2 for 2 weeks. Keep it on 24 hours unless it affects your sleeping. Then go to Step 3. It has 1/2 of the nicotine (estimate) of Step 2. Just pick the same time each day where you take one off and put another back on. ***If you have pets, be very conscious of how you dispose of all the patches, packets and adhesors*** After two or three weeks, you'll forget to put a Step 3 patch on. It becomes unnoticeable. Then run out of a box of Step 3 and don't buy another box. That is the second toughest day, when you actually do not wear any patch...and you know it. However, the urges are extremely minor and if you don't want to be a smoker, you've done it. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 18th 2013 new

(Quote) Bahar-937890 said: Attention: Please non-smokers or people who have no Smoking Experience, kindly do not answer this...
(Quote) Bahar-937890 said:

Attention: Please non-smokers or people who have no Smoking Experience, kindly do not answer this question. We want to solve the problem with the help of experienced members.

What is the Best Way to Quit Smoking or at Least Smoke Less?

Is Electronic Cigarettes Helpful or Just Waste of Money? Have You Tried Them?

What About Your Friends and Family Members, Have They Tried These Products?

Which Electronic Cigarette's Brand is More Helpful?

Speeches or Very Expensive Advertisements had no Effect; it Proves that we Must Find a Practical Solution for this Problem.

Do Electronic Cigarettes Help Smokers to Smoke less or Maybe Quit?


I'm not proud to admit it but I used to use tobacco. I tried quitting with gum, but I simply swapped one addiction for another. When I left the house I still wondered if I had enough nicotine for where I was going, what would happen if I ran out, etc. I was a slave to nicotine. I lived in a constant state of withdrawal as does anyone addicted to nicotine.

Some people may be able to quit with the help of nicotine replacement therapies, but stepping yourself down is simply prolonging the agony of withdrawal symptoms. It is akin to tearing the Band-Aid off slowly. With the help of the website I was able to quit cold turkey. This site neither solicits nor accepts funds. It is simply a resource for how to quit nicotine and remain off it. The best thing this site helped me do was to counter the rationalizations for using, including the "it's only one" fallacy.

If you are serious about quitting nicotine altogether and never using it again I highly recommend going cold turkey, and using as a resource. I hope you succeed.

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