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This room is for general discussion that doesn't specifically fit into one of the other CatholicMatch rooms. Topics should not be overly serious as this is to be more of a "cafe setting."

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Jun 8th 2013 new
(quote) Gina-972555 said: I thought just being who we are would suffice when communicating with others.
I think miscommunication arises when we hear someone through OUR temperament rather than HIS temperament.

Using another temperament test based on 4 animals, I am a panther in many ways, which indicates that when there is a task at hand, I concentrate on that task to the exclusion of other things. Doesn't mean other things are not important, it just means that at that particular time, they aren't. A dolphin, who is generally a more play-centered person, looks to have fun at all times. A peacock wants attention. An owl will think about a task, examining all angles. If a dolphin type came to me during a task and started goofing around, preventing me from working and meeting a deadline, I might snap at them at that time, whereas another time when job pressure was off, I would not. A peacock might be offended by not acknowledging their contribution when all I see is that the task is done. I might get annoyed with an owl because they were not actively working.

All this is to say that each person may experience another person's words or actions through a filter which inaccurately interprets that person's motives or meanings. Knowing temperaments can be a general guide to understanding another person. Of course, there are numerous shades and nuances of any personality type.
Jun 8th 2013 new
I feel like it's difficult to use tests like these. I think that as people we like to get simplified summaries of people so that we can better understand them, but answers to these tests can be a little too simplified. They might give you a very basic idea of a person's personality but it gets blurry. You won't know just how much of an introvert/extrovert, feeler/thinker, etc. someone is until you get to know them in person in a variety of scenarios. Which I suppose is part of the point of actually dating the people we meet on here.

When I first tested I was an INTJ, but a year later I took a look at it again and was an INFJ. Each time there was only a point difference. By looking at my results someone wouldn't know that I'm pretty much a balanced thinker and feeler. There's a lot of information missing.

On another note, a relationship analyzer told our group of college leaders who took this (the first time) that the best relationships tend to form between people who are one letter different. People with the same letters tend to get annoyed by the same qualities they themselves have. Haha.
Jun 8th 2013 new
What planet am I on? Has anyone heard of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit where the Fruits of the Holy Spirit are nurtured and become evident in our demeanor and responses to others......Where am I?

What happened to 'yes' means 'yes' and 'no' means 'no' and being straight and honest about our thoughts, words and actions.....this over-analysing a persons personality is crazy stuff.....

Jun 9th 2013 new
At this stage, I don't need any additional criteria to qualify or disqualify candidates. However, I do believe that understanding a person's personality can be very helpful in knowing how to interact with that person successfully (and I don't mean in the spirit of manipulation, but rather in the spirit of care, concern, and love). In other words, it may not be what is said, but how it is said. The last thing I will want to be doing is pushing my wife's buttons.
Jun 10th 2013 new
It would seem that a delicate balance needs to be struck between (1) the natural closeness and strength of a relationship that comes from mutual pursuit of sainthood and (2) careful matching of one's Earth-shaped personality. There are many saintly people that could be worlds apart from other saintly but psychologically-distant people. One runs the risk of entering a relationship out of avoidance of loneliness. Interestingly, (1) would obviously take precedence over (2) as you rightly point out....but (2) should not be underestimated.

For me, it would be easier to pursue sainthood alongside a fellow scientist rather than, say, a nurse or a waitress, since our minds would function entirely-different ways in everyday problems. A married couple can also grow to be strangers to one another if they are disparate enough before their relationship even begins.... My mother was so focused on raising us that it has been strange and weird for her getting to re-know my dad. Stuff like that happens...
Jun 10th 2013 new
P.S., I was inspired by this thread to take an online (and therefore not-to-be-taken _too_ seriously) Jungian archetype test; my results were:

Your scores appear below. If you use your back button to review you answers, please use your forward button to return to this page. If you hit the calculate button again, your scores will not be correct.

Your Scores

Extraversion E [vs Introversion I] = 46
Sensing S [vs Intuiting N] = 62
Thinking T [vs Feeling F] = 52
Judging J [vs Perceiving P] = 54
Scores should range between 14 and 70.14 to 26 is very low.
27 to 37 is low.
38 to 46 is average.
47 to 57 is high.
58 to 70 is very high
Jungian tests traditionally place you in a specific "pigeon hole." You can do this, too, like this:If you scored above 42, choose the first of each pair (E, S, T, J)
If you scored below 42, choose the second of each pair (I, N, F, P)
If you scored exactly 42 -- it's just too close to call!
Please understand that this test is only designed to give readers a sense of what the Jungian types mean, and should not be taken as an accurate measure of their personalities!
Jun 10th 2013 new
For some reason, I tested once as ENFJ. I ended up, most recently, testing as either ESTJ or ESTP. . . . I'd say they are accurate. I'm attracted to women who like being around people even if they are an introverted type of personality. . . and smart women, who are active.
Jun 11th 2013 new
To be honest your answers to my interview tell me a lot about who you are. . . .and if we are compatible and if so, on what level. . .
Jun 11th 2013 new
Love the Myers-Briggs! I still haven't been able to to determine with any certainty what tempertment is mine (Sanguine and Phlegmatic for certain....but heavily melancholic as well) and this one is much easier to see. I'm an INFP/ENFP. Can't figure out that most basic of I extroverted or introverted? I've gotten tot he point where it doesn't bother me too much to not have answers.

Haven't dated much, so I'm not sure what "works" as a match.
Jun 12th 2013 new
Oddly enough, I use the temperaments/myers briggs types subconciously to interact with folks in my daily life. They help immensely!

I'm an INFP...with the N and the F being almost Mama is a Thinker almost 100% of the way...and we clashed all the time because I would constantly put my thoughts into feelings...saying "I did this because I felt like it was right." and she would attack me saying "you can't go by your feelings!!!" It isn't that I'm super emotional or anything (quite the contrary) I just think with my gut/heart and it's pretty much right. Furthermore, it's how I express myself. The temperments have really helped me to understand where other people (especially Mama) are coming from and why they do what they do.
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