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Jun 15th 2013 new
INFJ here
Jun 20th 2013 new
(quote) Andy-896770 said: Hello everyone
I'm having fun reading all of the Meyers-Briggs personality types and see which types I like best in women. If you know about the 16 types I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.

As for me, my type is INTJ and I'm fascinated by all types but my favorites are INFJ, INFP, and ESFP.

I like INFJs because they're so intriguing and the type itself is rare in and of itself. INFJs are so mysterious and enigmatic and when I gaze into those deep, peplexing eyes I usually see deep love but also deep sadness sometimes. The mystery is half the fun because I, being and INTJ love solving puzzles :) They also feel moved to pick people up when they are fallen which is a wonderful and Christlike!

Hi Andy, I was just thinking...I have noticed that INTJ is among one of the more "serious" temperaments in Myers-Briggs. I suspect the Four Temperaments test gave you some combination of "choleric/melancholic". Personally, if I had two words to describe each temperament, it would be: choleric = serious, extroverted, melancholic = serious, introverted, sanguine = lighthearted, extroverted, phlegmatic = lighthearted, introverted; therefore, "melancholic/choleric" are among the more 'serious' people. I believe that one may find a high probability of dating rejection among the melancholic/choleric (or in general "serious") people. Presumably, someone of the "serious" temperament would be attracted to women who are just as serious, and therefore can understand them better. However, that "seriousness" in their temperament can strongly incline them to "tense up" when asked out, and take the "asking out" very seriously, causing them to default to "reject, in order to avoid leading them on or hurting them".

So, don't feel bad if you've been friend-zoned lately--men who are of the "serious" temperament will take their mission to imitate Christ and "be friends" with women, cherishing their souls, very seriously...and inadvertently be friend-zoned. It has happened to me countless times, and I am beginning to believe it is just a cross that "serious" people must carry, and in no way says anything about our value : )
Jun 22nd 2013 new
I know I am an ENFJ-- very strong on the E and the F. What I am attracted too? No idea. I'm lucky I know myself. biggrin I do think this personality type is a pretty good descriptor of myself. The same can be said of my temperament. I am a sanguine-phlegmatic. The description of it fits me to a T. I wouldn't really use someone's type or temperament as a filter. But I do think since I feel that this does summarize me very well it can help others understand and know me better. Before I refer to either, in regards to someone else, I ask how much they feel the type or temperament fits them. Only when I know that are they useful with someone else.

Still, it's best to get to know people in the moment and let friendship and relationships evolve. I do enjoy discussing such things. They are good ice breakers!
Jun 22nd 2013 new
I wonder something else: to what extent does our Meyers-Briggs personality and/or temperament depend on our external environment? One may be inclined towards introversion if they are in an abusive environment. One may be similarly inclined towards being heavily-analytical if their work calls for it. One could grow to be extraverted and engaging if they are an actor or actress, radio host, etc. It seems to me that temperament and personality are not inborn things--they are largely determined by what is important to us: our work, our family, significant others, etc. Or, if someone is impoverished and needs to practice frugality, that might provoke melancholic anxiety over waste....
Jul 6th 2013 new
Naomi, don't stress about which one you are...! You are probably on the line inbetween. A lot of people are in the middle on one (or maybe more) of the options. This is great because you can choose your behavior more easily -- you can be with people and get energy from it, and also not feel bored to death when you're alone.
Jul 6th 2013 new
Hi Dawn,

I usually get along well with ENFJs. :-) I'm an INFP, and you can look up what our relationship would be on this very handy site: . Socionics takes Myers-Briggs and gives more (and much better in my experience) information on relationships between the different types. But it's more helpful if you already are familiar with the types and know people in your life who represent them. Then you can read about the relationships and say, "Oh, my uncle is an INTJ, and we actually get along fine." Some relationships are fine for work but wouldn't be good at home, etc.
Jul 6th 2013 new
I took one online test and it looks like I'm an ISTJ. Sounds pretty accurate.
Jul 28th 2013 new
Actually fron my recent events in my Life, I just learned what pers
Jul 28th 2013 new
Wrong button, fat fingers little screen. Lol. I have the extreme version of the INTJ personality, so I doomed to be a misunderstood hopeless romantic in life. What I have found in alot of research is the positive version, we are the intense version of true love and devotion that isn't for the faint of hearts. Guess that is why all the greatest of saints, all have tje same personality type? Lol.
Jul 28th 2013 new
Thanks Bradley, that's good to know :)
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