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This room is for discussion about CatholicMatch events or to plan a get-together or meet-up for offline activities such a dinners, ball games, concerts etc.

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Baltimore/Annapolis Meet Up

Apr 17th 2013 new

There has to be some catholics some place in Maryland that wants to do something? I saw a posting in Decemeber about doing something in the Frederick Area that did not get many responses, unfortunately I had to work that day. I posted something about hiking that got no response. So I thought I will try one more time to see if someone wants to do something before I drop this sight and go to something like Lots of Events or another site.

Apr 17th 2013 new

I'm in Southern Maryland, but would be interested. Baltimore/Annapolis is alot closer for me than the current NoVa event. Any ideas on a particular event/venue?

Apr 18th 2013 new

First, thank you and actual person responded to me that is amazing considering there has been 21 people to view posting and only one reply that I could see. Second, I am up for anything it can be a meet up at a local restaurant, bar or sporting event to get things rolling they all have advantages and disadvantages. Since I am trying to include more people it might be nice to get yours and others input. However, I noticed numerous posting hand hundreds of views and less than 20 replies. I thought if you joined this site people wanted to actual meet with and talk to other people but the actual results does not support that type of thinking. I am sorry I am not trying to be negative and if no one else wants to do anything we can do something on our own if you like.

Apr 19th 2013 new

This is a great idea! I suspect many people are waiting to see more details. Dinner, hiking....I'm interested. Whether I can go will depend on when it is, but both DC and Baltimore seem to have pretty large representation on here. I bet we would be a pretty interesting group.

Apr 19th 2013 new

Okay then maybe we should start suggesting some places to meet and what would be a good time? Would it be better to have something on a Saturday in the afternoon or in the evening? Of course the venue may dictate what time something takes place. Where would be a good place for a mix and mingle? I know that in the last few years there has been Theology on Tap in numerous cities; however, I do not think that leads into a good venue to meet and talked to people. That is just me but if more people would like to do something like that I guess we could try it.

Apr 19th 2013 new

Greg, thank you for doing this.

--Ann Marie

Apr 19th 2013 new

I would be interested in a meet-up in the Baltimore/Annapolis area. What about an Orioles game? Nosebleed seats aren't too expensive. Hiking, biking and a picnic would also be fun.

Apr 20th 2013 new
I'd come down from Pittsburgh to attend a Baltimore/Annapolis meet-up.
Apr 20th 2013 new

In for an Orioles game, although a Nat's game would be better but that would be pushing it.eyepopping

Apr 21st 2013 new

Here is the Schedule for the O's for May games at Camden Yard

Tue -5/07vs. KAN Tickets 7:05 PM;Wed-5/08 vs. KAN Tickets 7:05 PM; Thur-5/09 vs. KAN Tickets 7:05 PM

Tue-5/14vs. SDP Tickets 7:05 PM; Wed-5/15vs. SDP Tickets 12:35 PM

Fri- 5/17vs. TAM Tickets 7:05 PM; Sat-5/18vs. TAM Tickets 7:05 PM; Sun-5/19 vs. TAM Tickets 1:35 PM

Mon-5/20 vs. NYY Tickets 7:05 PM; Tue-5/21vs. NYY Tickets 7:05 PM; Wed-5/22vs. NYY Tickets 7:05 PM.

If there is anything that looks interesting let me know.

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