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The story of Abraham and Sarah is told in chapters 11-25 of the book of Genesis.
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Jun 6th 2013 new
I've been around for 8 years on and off..does that tell your
Jun 6th 2013 new
You know, maybe men aren't lazy as much as they fear rejection, also. I am incredibly old fashioned in terms of who should make the first move, but I have many male friends. I have seen many men my age broken by women. Maybe I will be alone for the rest of my days, but I would rather be alone than to force a relationship or to compromise who I am. This girl is worth it. That's all.
Jun 7th 2013 new
I'm starting to wonder if there is something on MY profile causing people to shy away.
Jun 7th 2013 new
Love is in the air, I can smell it.. You have to try to use your senses to smell it too.

God gave us 8 million senses and we use so few.
You say no one is contacting you. ! I happen to know that God has and is contacting you and
you need to please accept His guidance.

God please let us all know of your plan. As you know Lord, we are only human and need much guidance. .
Jun 7th 2013 new
If you learn a secret to success please share it with other older women. I have been on this site for about 3 weeks and it has been very slow going. Hopefully if we keep trying something good will happen. I wish you the best in your search.
Jun 7th 2013 new
I think it's always helpful in a Profile to write a little about how you see yourself in a relationship with the Person you're looking for.. and having somewhat current pictures is always a good thing. biggrin Praying
Jun 7th 2013 new
(quote) Cynthia-875784 said: Life is weird. I stay because of the forums. I don't often post but I do like to read them.
I encourage Everyone to's a great way to let CMers know what you're passionate about and how you view things. Yes great Profile Pics and a nice write up in a profile is enticing but at the end of the day it's how we communicate and how we respect one another. The Forums bring out a lot in a person. biggrin Praying
Jun 8th 2013 new
No, I think this is where us people/Catholics go to dip our big toe in the pond to see what the temp is... no one really wants to jump in they just want to know how the water is and watch. You're perfectly normal.
Jun 8th 2013 new
Ann, with the bright smile if you're still around and unclaimed after 8 years I am going to get real down... I still will hold out hope though :-)
Jun 8th 2013 new
(quote) Lois-880877 said: How does anyone meet a man on this site? ..
I don't know.
I never tried to. smile
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