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Jun 9th 2013 new
well thanks for your help. I don't have a daughter--just sons--but perhaps they can help me. As I said though, It's not as though I am trying to "hide" anything--the only difference I would say I have between the one that is ten years old and the way I look now, is that I have a streak of grey in the bangs area of my hair and I usually dye it to cover it. I also didn't think I said anything about anyone else writing my profile--I was just asking what you thought was confusing about it so I could make it clearer. I did go and add some questions to my interview.

I don't think I personally would be turned off by someone who didn't have a recent photo up if they explained why and stated there was not much change between picture such and such and their current appearance. But perhaps that is more important to men. I can say I had a wonderful husband who was slim and nice looking and he certainly liked me. But you were answering my question and I appreciate that. Thank you for your help.
Jun 9th 2013 new
(quote) Carol-737878 said: Connie, checking out your mutual matches may or may not be the key. In my experience, I received some matches, but they did seem to have the least bit of interest in even beginning any kind of communication. It was discouraging, to say the least. Perhaps one may reach out & (because I am so analytical) think about why you might have been deemed a match & pursue it--at least you can & see what happens! Good luck!!!
I have to agree with you after doing several searches.
I rejoined in order to talk with my cyber friends here because I don't want to lose them forever. I have a lot going on that I didn't plan on so even doing that is almost impossible for the next several months. I stay in contact by phone with several former members, both men and women, who I got to know from talking in the forums almost 10 yrs. ago. Never have met them in person but we know each other quite well and always come to each other's aid when necessary.
There are a lot of good points that I like about CM so even if I never meet my future husband on here at least it made me happy in other ways. biggrin
Jun 9th 2013 new
I'm sure you've changed a lot in the last 10 years -- we just don't notice our little changes because we see ourselves every day.
An up-to-date photo is a necessity.
I'm sure you're still beautiful and attractive, but having only old photos up looks like you are trying to hide something.
Get help, add current pictures, keep smiling, keep praying.
Jun 9th 2013 new
Thanks I will do that, but I have to say that it makes me sad that people would place so much emphasis on a photo or suspect that someone is "hiding something" (such as? being 10 years older?). It makes it seem like a beauty contest. I have reached out to quite a few men here who were far from perfect in the looks department because they seemed kind, gentle and caring and that is far more important to me than whether they are hard bodied dreamboats in the looks department. At any rate I understand what you are saying. I went back through my previously uploaded photos from when I had a scanner but was unable to find any newer ones so will have to get some help in that department. I really do kind of shy away from the whole judging folks by a photo thing--it makes me feel sad inside. When I met my husband, it was because he liked something I said in a meeting we were both in, not because I was a knockout looker. I'm not bone thin but I said that in my profile, and I wasn't in that ten year old photo either.

I don't mean to seem ungrateful--after all I asked--I just feel sad that looks matter so very very much. I don't judge that way and I am not sure I would want someone who cared only about my photo either.
Jun 9th 2013 new
Hi Kerry,

Just stay your positive self...stay upbeat...Pictures and profile are nice!

I think some crazies eyepopping are roaming the hall....

Jun 9th 2013 new
(quote) Helen-881220 said: Hi Kerry,

Just stay your positive self...stay upbeat...Pictures and profile are nice!

I think some crazies are roaming the hall....

Thanks, Helen! wave
Jun 10th 2013 new
(quote) Helen-881220 said: Hi Kerry,

Just stay your positive self...stay upbeat...Pictures and profile are nice!

I think some crazies are roaming the hall....

What's 'crazy' about thinking 10 year old pics being the newest ones she has up being inappropriate?
We've all encountered profiles in which someone describes themselves as dark haired when their up-to-date pics or in-person appearance shows white or gray hair or a bald pate.
Or someone describes himself or herself as athletic or average-build, and they actually are 100 pounds overweight.
Those are lies -- sometimes unintentional,sometimes not -- but they are misrepresenting themselves.
This does not mean that looks are the most important thing!
But we expect honesty in the profiles.
When we encounter 'dishonesty', be it in fake or old pictures or in 'exaggerated' self-description or in 'stretching the truth' about your activities or beliefs, we are put off and don't bother looking further at that profile -- if someone has shown him/herself to be not 'honest', why consider them at all?
We move on to another profile.
If you want people to take an interest in you, be honest in all ways, as you want others to be in theirs.
There have been quite a few stories shared of people misrepresenting themselves just to get interest or a f2f meeting, and how betrayed the lied to people felt.
Just get up-to-date pictures and be honest -- don't get offended by people wanting to see the 'real' you in your words and pictures.
Jun 10th 2013 new
I just read in the newspapaer today
that a new "SWEETHEARTS R US" is going to open in my area.

The article stated that there will be 75 franchises to open by year's end.

Then there will not be the frustration of not being contacted.

Just imagine, one stop forever Sweetheart spousal shopping.

So get your acceptable Sweetheart checklists up to date and
finalized and take advantage of their Grand Opening Special.

The "Special", I heard is 3 potential Sweethearts to choose from for only $300....
Shipping and handling are extra of course...

Be Well
Jun 10th 2013 new
Ahh, the crazies I refer to is that not one person answered ( dave being the most gentle), but it was three that answered her about her profile and picture postings.

Where do you think ,"she did not get it"? Prior to your post, she was talking about getting out her camera and obtaining her current pictures. She also stated she was technically challenged.

She has acknowledged and accepted the prior advise from 2 colleagues.

My advice to Kerry: Post any picture, tell the stories of your life, be optimistic, be brave.

Put your best foot forward and don't let ANYONE tear you down.


Jun 10th 2013 new
It works both ways. I get the occasion view but no contact.
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