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The story of Abraham and Sarah is told in chapters 11-25 of the book of Genesis.
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Aug 6th 2013 new
(quote) Philip-600116 said: Mary

That is exactly what I said

Discover in One to One dialogue
I so loved your acronym Philip of KISS. I've been in sales for14 years and I so know what you mean as that acronym was probably used in many of my sales training programs, lol.

If you expose too much they don't have any questions for you to even bother. You have to make it just curious enough and make them come on inside and test the true product and then they will be full of questions laughing
Aug 6th 2013 new
I think I joke too much in my my profile and in interview questions but thats part of who I am. Plus.. I have I think 25 interview questions that I made up. If anyone lives through it and actually submits it, they have accomplished a great deal right there. lol
Aug 6th 2013 new

FYI He is no longer available. He was crucified 2000+ years ago
Aug 11th 2013 new
I am glad I came across "No one contacts me". Nobody answers my short messages, and I thought the culprit was my age, because I have not found a lady older than me in this program yet. The only messages I have received are telling me that my photograph is a very old one. It was taken on September 12, 2012. I do not consider it to be old. I naturally do not show my age, and my spirit is young and energetic, naturally too.
Aug 11th 2013 new
Sorry to hear your frustration. I have the same problem. Wish i could help.
Aug 13th 2013 new
i was a free member here for years.......wondering if I would possibly find men
here whom I actually my local area..........of course I was also younger
[go figure] but I got more views without I
put together the fee and am enjoying the forums.........
Oct 5th 2013 new
Hi Lois don' t worry same with me I am joint this site for four months I send messages to many men I am interested to know more no reply only view my profile .
i don' t understand man in this site may be they looking young woman or they just want within driving licence relationship but believed god will send you the best man four you soulmate and all the girls who joint this site.

I am lived far from united state so may be all man lazy to have long distant relationship .
my best friend met her husband from catholic singles and she always support me not to give Up.
Good luck and bless you all.


Oct 7th 2013 new
(quote) Laura-857740 said:  I find that this website is used as therapy sessions for many.... go to meet up activities around your area and continue to be the wonderful person you are. God bless and keep you.
on the $$ You get a Gold Star! hug Praying theheart rosary rose rose rose
Oct 7th 2013 new
I have no expectations. I am super happy in myself. Unfortunately that may be why these guys are by themselves? Be yourself. I enjoy meeting people friends male or female. I only want God to bring me the right man. Not many men. If a man cannot know or recognize that your are a pearl of a high price then they are not the right one. I feel God protects us. Volume is not the answer the one God sent is. My profile is authentic. I am real. God knows what is right for me.
Oct 7th 2013 new
(quote) Loretta-678584 said: In that time I have learned that dating really is a numbers game. It is alot like sales. In this case you are showcasing yourself. I was in sales for a while and I know for a fact you have to have a bit of a thick skin. You have to be willing to knock on alot of doors and not care if they answer, you have to make alot of calls and not care if they pickup, ya have to know beyond doubt that what you have is the next best thing tsince sliced bread and when you finally talk to someone you have that belief so engrained that you are perfectly fine if they don't see it because you are only offering the best to those who do. You will find some who will hear you out and still say no (hence views but no follow up message). You will have some hear you out and think they found exactly what they need but then do they qualify? I obviously wont qualify to be what everyone needs or wants but neither will they. I knock on alot of doors, i send out lots of emotes, i leave lots of notes, take lots of surveys, comment on lots of forums, get involved in lots of activities, I focus on MY LIFE! When I focus on my life... I'm doing the things I love. When i do the things I love I am surrounded by those that have similar interests, When I am enjoying those things it makes me happy, and makes me fill fullfilled, that in turn give me peace. I surrender to God my hope. He knows me best. He knows who I need to talk to and when. I will say this... often times God puts me in their path for them.... not necessarily for me. So, all these words boil down to, KNOCK, SEEK , PRAY, WATCH FOR DOORS TO OPEN, HAVE FUN IN YOUR OWN LIFE, AND TRUST GOD to cover what you can't. God bless all of you! I really do that you would all find someone fantastic and we could put this company out of business!
that would be really dreaming ... dream on ... putting this company out of business with the ratio of women to men.... this is the most fantastic and spiritual site one can meet others and share have an inspiring conversation/debate.... smile

I have not waited or seek anyone to knock on my door or theirs to have fun in my life or be adventurous... however, I am gracious to invite, but they always have the choice to is to short not to enjoy life to the fullest... Thank God for every opportunity he gives me and privilege to participate ..... hug Praying theheart rosary rose rose rose

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