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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

Tobias and Sarah's story is from the Book of Tobit, and his journey is guided by Saint Raphael.
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Apr 20th 2013 new

Best of luck to you, but if you feel like coming back just to chat or hang out (like at a virtual coffee shop), CM will still be here. heart

Apr 20th 2013 new

Though my work and professional life, I have learned that what we want and what emerges in life sometime are not the same. When we are focused on one path, and believe with all our hearts we are called to a specific way in life, we are more prone to disappointment. I beleive we are called to pursue our dreams wholeheartedly in the context of what God wants for us. It is in our faith, our fellowship and openness that we find paths never anticipated and we ourselves emerge into beings with joy, even from pain, in ways that not only transform our lives, but the lives of others.

Apr 20th 2013 new
May God bless and keep you, Pat, today and always. Praying
Apr 20th 2013 new
Hello Pat, sorry to see you go. But maybe there is a better way to spend your time. If God wills, you could always meet someone in real life, not the computer. I am a beginning writer. What have you written? I'll pray for your peace of mind. take care, bill
Apr 20th 2013 new

You will be missed. I've appreciated your inputs during my time here. If I don't see you here again I guess next time will be in heaven. Until then I wish you all the best.

wave rose

Apr 20th 2013 new

Can I go to the over 40 events even thought I am not? Sorry to see you go - if you want to take a break from this site, that is understandable. I have been on and off this site for a similar timeframe. I've had some limited success, but once I started contributing to these forums, I realized there is more to this site than dating.

I understand how you feel as an unmarried layperson. Married lay persons and those in religious life do seem to be looked upon with more respect than the rest of us. I don't know if that is ever really going to change but I applaud your efforts. I think the church wants adults to choose marriage or religious life so badly, that sometimes they forget about how that makes singles feel. If one is not called to religious life, the reality is there is only so much one can do to find a spouse. I suppose it is that much more difficult for women as the man is usually the one leading, and once women hit a certain age, I know it is that much harder.

Well, may God bless you. It certainly seems like you have thought and prayed about this enough and seem conifident in your decision, so I respect that. If you are still open to marriage, however, you never know when someone may come into your life.


Apr 20th 2013 new

Sorry to see you go. You are an insightful and inspiring woman. While we seek relationship and love, I feel that I must be open to love also finding me.

The dream never dies.

God bless you on your journey and the door to CM is always open.

Apr 20th 2013 new
I wish I had something upbeat or encouraging to say, but I don't. Going by your profile, I think that a lady such as you should have had no trouble finding a loving husband, and you should have been a grandmother by now. It just leaves me wondering why God does not help those who want to do the right thing. Every night I look at the crucifix over my bed and up to heaven, wondering why there is no help and no hope for people like you and people like me, no saint or angel who can intervene, and no reward in this life. Meanwhile, those with lesser aspirations are allowed to run loose. The best explanation I can offer is that Satan does not want any more Catholic children in this world, and he fights those who might produce such children tooth and nail. I have told God more than once that I can't do it without His help. I will cry a few tears for you tonight before I fall asleep.
Apr 20th 2013 new


I am sorry to see you go but not surprised. You have immersed your total self in this site. For that, we are all so grateful and I for one have become so much more knowledgeable and enriched by your presence. To lose two Patricia's both from Chicago in so short a time is difficult for us older posters. I do however respect and honor your decision. I still feel Our Blessed Lord has a plan for you that may not always fit our time-line. You have so much to offer a man and people in general.

As just one poster, you will be sorely missed.

Always remember - your CM family loves you.

Blessings and may God grant you the best life has to offer. Praying rosary hug rose theheart


Apr 20th 2013 new

Time for the Nov 16, 2010 YouTube "The Wedding" by Julie Rogers, a hit in 1964 when I was at the Coast Guard Academy.

Great lyrics, great voice, great-looking Lady. Wow - Elder Bob started thinking about, while that doesn't predict a Success Story, three of the great-looking women I dated.

1 - In 1966, a Connecticut College for Women girl from NH. At that time, she may have been the Cutest woman on Planet Earth, but no Success Story.

2 - Cleveland 1969, a girl called "The Red Baron", because she shot all the guys down. Absolutely gorgeous, and ultra-shy. She did NOT shoot me down, but I kept our relationship pretty much Good Friends.

3 - Cleveland 1970 - the girl I've written about in the Forums. If I have pursued her like I should have, she would have been my wife.

So .. these memories tell Elder Bob NOT to give up. Search, Bob, Search. I'd recommend we all do the same.

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