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This room is for the discussion of current events,cultural issues and politics especially in relation to Catholic values.

Saint Thomas More was martyred during the Protestant Reformation for standing firm in the Faith and not recognizing the King of England as the Supreme Head of the Church.
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Apr 22nd 2013 new
God, can I have the time I spent reading this thread back please!!
Apr 22nd 2013 new

Oh come now, this thread has been enormously useful and educational. Where else could you discuss gender issues, affirmative action, the Vatican, the Far Side, listen to people throw around a few insults and end up with a half dozen recipes for your next Super Bowl party? party

Apr 22nd 2013 new

Can't we all just get along and sing "Cumbaya??"

Apr 22nd 2013 new

(Quote) Espe-410886 said: Can't we all just get along and sing "Cumbaya??"
(Quote) Espe-410886 said:

Can't we all just get along and sing "Cumbaya??"

laughing laughing laughing

Apr 23rd 2013 new

You see, I knew I'd make someone laugh!

Apr 23rd 2013 new

The posessions held in the Vatican are a collection on the whole of gifts from, Kings, Princes, Emperors and the list goes on. The donations are along the lines of a ciborium encrusted with gems and made of gold. Gods request and a Church law that the Body of Christ is to be reverenced in an appropriate vessel and Tabernacle.

Of course. Since you referenced my post, I'm assuming you think I take issue with this...

I don't know why everyone jumps on the Church to sell off everything.


Well as you are a member of these Greedy Horders "The Catholic Church" we will put your house up for auction and all the other little nick nacks. A hessian bag with a head whole cut out would do nicely.

I have no idea what you are trying to say here....

Don't point the finger at the Church or previous Popes.

I said I think it wonderful that we have Pope Francis now at this point in the Church's history. I didn't point the finger at the Church or to any previous Pope.

You have a Church now because of their dedication to Christ.

Of course. Along with many others.

You want to jump up and down for some help for the poor?

Yes, just as Pope Francis has stated. We need to help the least and most marginalized in the world.

Tell your deaf president to stop printing money...

Agreed. 17 trillion and counting. Fiat currency

...for silly trips to outer space and to stop the silly petrol grabbing wars.

We don't go to outer space much since the 1970s. We tend to stay in low earth orbit for most stuff these days. BTW, President Obama is actually against grabbing petrol.

Then if every country did the same, Guess what??????? No poverty! We can help every one!!

The United States spends $1 Trillion a year on poverty. It is said that we will spend $250,00 on each person in poverty over the next ten years. I can predict the result, if President LBJ 'a policies are of any relevance....

Another little detail the Vatican Library, accessible via the internet, has been made available online.
Very nice, I will have to take a look.

Please don't think God will support your generous offer of what nobody owns. He won't.
No idea of what you are talking about here...

Go to the Bible and see what the Ark of the Covenant was made of and then make a Build the Temple Shopping List. God is Creator Almighty and shouldn't be housed in Tuppa Ware.

By the way the grab the jewels and gold act has already been done by one "Henry (Hand me the axe) V111.
Gold grab and jewels grab happens all the time, the lastest being MF Global with John Corzine at the helm.

Not one flake of gold went to the poor. Instead of grumbling about the Church, and here I am referring to us People and Infrastructer, just in case a Tin Plated Corn Flakes Theologian puts their 5 cents in, is not just about us but every Catholic in the WORLD.
What exactly is a tin plated corn flakes theologian? Second or third rate at best I suppose....

So feel free to arm your militia. Obamas good for some ammo and Light Armoured Vehicles, I got that right John. NOT TANKS. You can raid all their treasuries before they start a war and all will be well.
Agree with your second amendment reference.

Good Night God Bless and here's to World Conquest!! The Swiss Guards have a few spears and uniforms you can have. The pointy Sticks will be good for roasting marshmallows!
God bless you too.. :-)

Apr 23rd 2013 new
(Quote) Con-888377 said: I had a look at the site with the Mad Harriden castrating males intellectually speaking and I noticed something e...
(Quote) Con-888377 said:

I had a look at the site with the Mad Harriden castrating males intellectually speaking and I noticed something else that was on that page. Rather should I say 6 people that caused selective blindness. Half way down on the right hand side are six photos of young women whom have caused utter mayhem and have displayed traits that a rat in a sewer would be proud of. So the total on that page was 7 women. The point of the exercise as I see it is not so much male versus female but that both sexes can fail miserably and that it is not a gender issue at hand. The question is, who is the real enemy of the Church and that is us, Men and Women of the Catholic Church . This mess has been fostered from pre-Vatican 11 up to this very day. The Church has been infiltrated, slowly, by these perpetrators. This is what needs to be followed up at an investigatory level. Those found responsible as collaborators in bringing disrepute to the Church's reputation and personal injury to the victims of pedophilia should then be stripped of all rank in the Church, including laicization for Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and excommunication. Then the case files to be given to the police for criminal prosecution. RIP trash thrown out. End of a tragic era. A New Beginning?


wow. im agreeing with Con.

But Con--there has been a huge improvement in the church in the usa over the past 20 years. I dont see a whole new beginning--but a justice for sins of the past mainly. the new beginning is well on its way in the usa.
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