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Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations.
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Apr 23rd 2013 new

So very sorry Rosa. Will keep you in my prayers. Praying rosary

Apr 23rd 2013 new

St. Anthony pray for us, St Jude pray for us!

Apr 23rd 2013 new

PrayingPraying for answers and healing for you Praying rosary

Apr 24th 2013 new

(Quote) Rosa-924307 said: A few months back I started having problems with my back, legs, arms, seeing some lights even with my eye...
(Quote) Rosa-924307 said: A few months back I started having problems with my back, legs, arms, seeing some lights even with my eyes open. I was afew days without walking or even moving just with help of my family. Doctors are really puzzled, they need clarify what is going on with me... in the beginning they thougth that was just a back injury, but now even my left arm fall asleep easily. Please help me with your prayers to find outthe reason for my illness and that the physicians can treat it appropriately. Thanks!!!


Rosa, I empathize with you. Maybe you have a pinched nerve or a nerve compression somewhere in your body. May I suggest that you should get a 2nd or even 3rd opinion from a medical profesional (MD) or a nerve doctor. Have you been tested via NCS, EMG or MRI? If not, tell the doctor that maybe you have a pinched nerve and maybe he/she will recommend tests such as NCS (Nerve Conduction Study), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or EMG (Electromyography). I hope this bit of information will help you solve your problem. I'll be praying for you, good luck and God bless. Praying rosary theheart hug
*** Lea ***

May 1st 2013 new
Thanks to everyone of you for your prayers! I really appreciate that.
May 1st 2013 new

Jesus, Divine Physician, Please bring answers to this problem. Please bring your healing. theheart Praying

May 1st 2013 new

Praying Praying that the Lord guides the doctors who care for you and find the problem.

May 1st 2013 new

Rosa, I totally understand how scary and frustrating it is to not know what is wrong.

Several years I suffered a lot of differenty symptoms & underwent various tests. It took approximately 8 months before the diagnosis was made. Before that, I was convinced I was going to die of this "mystery disease" Once I had a solid diagnosis, I felt as if a load was lifted off me.

I pray that the health professionals will do their detective work well so as to find what is necessary for your healing in good time.

May 1st 2013 new
May 1st 2013 new

rosary theheart

IF they can't find it persist with it, the squeaky wheel gets the oil my GP said to me.

Hope they find it, if you know anyone who is or if you are close to an Our Lady of Lourdes parish go there and pray or have them pray. I was tested for celiac and found nothing, I went to the Our Lady of Lourdes parish and prayed to find out what is wrong with me and then very shortly after i actually tested positive for celiac on a second test.

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