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This room is dedicated to those who are facing the challenge of raising children without the support of a spouse. This is a place to share ideas and lend mutual support.

Saint Rita is known to be a patroness for abused wives and mourning women.
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Apr 24th 2013 new

You said it. When they move out, change the locks.
Or you can do what I did when my eldest two moved out -- moved across country. laughing laughing

Apr 24th 2013 new

Annie you will be added to my prayers. Things aren't always in our time frame and it's so hard to wait and understand what God's plan is. hug Praying

Apr 24th 2013 new

laughing With 5 kids, everybody takes a turn so I'm always having 'one of those days' just gotta scream, then laugh, then eat chocolate! I get so frustrated some days...but then I look back & know I was doing this all alone even when I was married, so things aren't really different...and dang it, I can do this! Me & God, we got this wink

Apr 25th 2013 new

Dana, I do.

I do have those days. Being a single parent is not easy. Being mother, father, teacher, nurse, taxi driver, coach, cook, cleaner and every other role within 24 hours - how do we do it? Yet we get there.

Nerves are frayed at times and I may be irritable - especially when they test the boundaries.

Yet we do the best we can and we know at the end of the day that we have loved to the best of our capacity. AND they know it too.

God bless you and your family hug

Apr 26th 2013 new

Hi Dana,

You are not alone:-). I have done this"beating myself up" for not being a perfect mom, too. I have always been single. My son will be 7 in a month.

I think that anyone who really cares and wants to raise their children to be caring strong people, feels like this sometimes.
Your children are in tougher age. I love teenagers in my clinic, but I am already scared what I will do with my son when
he hits that age, because he is stubborn now. It is normal for teens to doubt and question everything you say,
because they are trying to find their own identity.

I realized that: being negative to yourself about how you parent, leads to being negative to makes things worse.
So, I think, giving yourself a little reward (whatever you like) for all the hard work you do everyday, is going to make you happier
and make you a better mom in the end. Then, you will have more patience with your kids - so much needed at their age.
Yes, time for yourself is very important... even though it many times feels like there is not enough hours in a day:-)

Have a nice weekend.


Oct 1st 2013 new
(quote) MaryBeth-902916 said:

YES! I am really trying to listen to my girls- 15 and 13. Since my husband died 3 years ago and they have had varied level is of grief- and givng me grief!! PRAY with and over them - and it has helped. Also did reading by Heather Forbes, LCSW and her Beyond Consequences therapy. God Bless!

bless you......Heather lives at my house too via videos......2 adopted sons
Oct 3rd 2013 new
I'm having one of those days right now -- my teen didn't come home from school like she needs to in order for me to get her to her counselor's appointment.
I have a conflict that interferes with getting my 11yo to a class she wants to go to every Wed when I have Faith Formation classes.
My 8yo really needs more one-on-one time with me but I'm always running the other kids around lately.
I'm fighting a migraine and just wish I had someone to 'tag team' with so I could just rest and wait this out.
It's hard to balance parenting and self-care sometimes.
Oct 3rd 2013 new
Tag-team would be so nice!!!! I've given up on self-care at this point. faint Hugs and prayers coming your way, Rachel. hug Praying
Oct 3rd 2013 new
Single parenting whether done by the father or the mother is tough particularly when the children get bounced between spouses or ex-spouse. My children are completely different than they were before the divorce they were funny full of life before the divorce the way they are now is hard to describe.

Happy is certainly not one of them. The ex-wife is decided to go ahead and marry without an annulment . She hadleft the church and is trying to drag the children into that same hole.

Sometimes it's just enough to get them fed properly after a week of junk food and iMass and convince them that they yes they still need to go to confession. Add to the misery that the X won't let the children come visit me any other time except for the the prescribed times in the children's plan that we put together and well.

Mine is all about herself doesn't matter what the children want ,think or need to do it's about her. Hopefully all of you on here are different
Oct 3rd 2013 new
(quote) Dana-782979 said: Tag-team would be so nice!!!!    
I tag-team myself all the time! Oh yeah. High-five (smack)! hahahaha
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