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Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations.
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Apr 29th 2013 new

(Quote) Jacqueline-198 said: Sorry to hear about your injury, I hope and pray you feel better soon. Can't you me...
(Quote) Jacqueline-198 said:

Sorry to hear about your injury, I hope and pray you feel better soon. Can't you meet up with your running peeps after a run, at a coffee joint or something? can you walk on a treadmill? it's not the same but you can still stay in shape, also, how about joining a hiking group (meet-ups and such) for the social aspect of it, I know you are a runner and it's different but you can join other groups for socializing and such, you say you suffer from isolation/loneliness but please don't limit yourself, find other interests and there is bound to be some other group you can find and join, before you know it, you will be back on track.are there any supplements you can take (calcium) for quicker healing? Either way I hope you find answers.



Thank you very much for your prayers. Nothing from the docs yet on just what is going on, but I am keeping my eyes open for opportunities to fill this time with other it through church, service, etc.



Apr 29th 2013 new

Praying Praying Praying

Jun 3rd 2013 new
Thank you!! New results in today... problem isn't as bad as first expected, but I'm not out of the woods. Just inflammation that has taken a long time to heal...healing is still ongoing.
Jun 3rd 2013 new
Hope you'll be out there running again in no time.
Jun 3rd 2013 new
Jun 3rd 2013 new
Praying to St. Sebastian, Michael! Praying He is the patron of athletes.
Jun 5th 2013 new
Praying rosary have you tried a 54 day rosary novena.? What about an alt med MD, I've seen diseases heal! please pray for my serious intentions too!!
Jun 6th 2013 new
Thank you, William. Prayers for you, too.



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