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May 4th 2013 new

(Quote) Pauline-931463 said: Thanks Ray, I agree we are all human and each one of us is accountable before God....
(Quote) Pauline-931463 said:

Thanks Ray, I agree we are all human and each one of us is accountable before God. I was expressing how it feels not to be included, especially being migrants in a new country with no support whatsoever. We came from a country where church and our faith meant everything for us. The main reason we migrated was when we felt threatened due to our faith. I wrote this in response to some people negating the importance of community in building our faith. I tend to disagree. Much as I pray on my own and try my best to be a good Catholic, there were times in my life when my community of Christians held me. I am forever grateful to them.

Concerning informing the parish that we had left, we did inform inform the parish office that we were leaving. That is why we were so taken aback by the letter. We did call and have a talk with the parish priest about all this, so that this would not happen again.

Pauline, I just threw that tidbit about notifying the parish out there because many people don't do that. The Church then keeps those names in their records until they find out otherwise through some means. You obviously performed the courtesy, and the Church's records should have been updated. Perhaps with their system they don't or can't do this promptly and that's why you received the letter. Not to worry, Pauline -- you did your part; it was up to them to do theirs.

I am glad you found a parish to call "home" -- where people are supportive of others, and concerned and helpful about their needs. This is as it should be!!!

May 16th 2013 new
Richard, there are awesome Catholic churches in the Philadelphia area, ones with great historical significance. If you're in that area, you might try visiting St. Jude Church in Eddystone sometime. When we used to go, it would get quite crowded. I can still picture it all. Yes, it was worth our traveling 2 hours or so to get there until we found something closer to home.
May 16th 2013 new
We don't really have the greeters or whatever. I don't mind nodding at somebody outside, but I don't get into the donuts and stuff. There's a golden mean between grouchsnobbery and gladhanding, but sometimes it's hard to find it. People are ok the place where I usually go. The local Byzantine parish is the most pleasant (without being annoying), and the Society chapel is pretty decent.
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