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Jun 14th 2013 new
(quote) John-971967 said: Marianne,

I am exactly where God wants me :)

I am well aware of Muslim history. I was born in Europe. My ancestral blood lines go back centuries there, and square in the path of the Turkish invasions that spanned 500-some years. Yes, I remember the stories my grandfather would tell that were passed down to him; how they came to take our lands, and when victorious to have their way with the wives and daughters and make slaves of men. No I am not taking of a few incidents, nor done over a few years, but over half a millennium. Before that it was the Crusades, much misunderstood by us here and now who see it through a Jewish and protestant-made prism.

What the last 12 years have been is nothing compared what once was and what is still to come.

Like I said, I have no qualms sending my son there, or two, or three as that third one is about to enter the Marines. Obama just needs to give the word. And I am not saying this just because it seems easy to say, knowing Obama won't.


Can you tell us a little more about what country you were from and from where
the Muslim invaders came when they invaded your lands? So, I guess you are
saying that your country was under Muslim rule after the invasion?

This is part of history that many do not get to hear.

I just wanted to say, that if we do enter the mess in Syria, which side is the
right side to be on? I think that is very unclear to most of us.

Jun 14th 2013 new
(quote) Marc-313980 said: Like I said at the end of my post, Marianne - I don't think we should be aiding the rebels. Assad's not an ally, either, so we shouldn't aid him. In other words, we shouldn't be getting involved. We aren't even sure whose side we should be on, anyways.
I think that is the conundrum! Whose side should we take?

I heard someone on the radio say that they have been fighting for
centuries and we should let them all wipe themselves out in battle, instead of get

It sounds good in theory, but if it has been going on for so long, then maybe they
will not be able to wipe themselves out.

Just think, they are the same religion. It is such a shame. War must be in the
hearts of man, for whatever reason. Truthfully, they are barbaric and many are
living in the dark ages. Maybe if they had other interests, like cures for cancer
or getting people out of the ghetto, or going to movies, they would loose interest
in war.
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