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May 14th 2013 new

Wow Lauren I concur all that you said also. I can only wish you the very best also as we single Catholic women and men try and pray that, that special person will come into our lives. I also enjoyed the other responses back from all on this subject. May God Bless you and also the rest of us. Time will only tell. Great story and comments! God Bless all!! Blessings....

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May 14th 2013 new

Well said, Lauren.

May 14th 2013 new

Well said, Marge. We are all special and unique and we all want someone special to enhance our lives. Everyone deserves to be loved and respected. Why has it gotten so complicated?

May 14th 2013 new

Here is a quote from Bishop Fulton Sheen which seems to fit this topic:

When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her. The higher her virtue, the more noble her character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her. The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women.

May 14th 2013 new

Unfortunately, Marge, I've never had a good man. But I'm the eternal optimist and I do believe he is out there. Because, I haven't had a good man I've had lots of time to plan for the day I can shower love on him, treat him with respect, be his soft place to fall, worship with him, create a loving and peaceful home, be his champion in all his endeavors, love his family, and pray with him. I could go on and on but these are the ones that come to mind at this moment. Like I said, I've had a long time to think about this.

May 14th 2013 new

When there is mutual respect, there will be a successful relationship.

Gestures and acts come from within of being mindful of the other. They just happen because you know the other person would like something, want to know or be included and that you would take pride in having them by your side. It's knowing them on a different level then every day acquaintances.

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May 15th 2013 new

(Quote) Lauren-927923 said: Paul, This is a wonderful topic and should be addressed as well. Speaking for me...
(Quote) Lauren-927923 said:


This is a wonderful topic and should be addressed as well. Speaking for me - and I know many of these are as if in a relationship, but that's what I know, and ultimately the part everyone hopes to experience. I think as well, that it describes the type of man I'd like to have, someone who works hard for his family, someone who can play, someone who is present to me and sees me when the world does not, someone who is kind and engaged with the world, someone who cherishes me for me, not just because I am a female and its the gentlemanly thing to do.

Am I deserving of this type of man? When I was younger I wouldn't have known how to answer this. I would have said, I hope so, or probably not, I'm not too special. But, I'm older now and I know who I am and what I have to offer and I know how to love. So yes, I am deserving of a man who loves me and shows that in his actions as well as his words. I have a fine mind, a strong heart, a good will and a definite passion for the welfare of others and a deep faith that guides my thoughts and actions towards others. So what can I promise to bring to the table:

1. You can expect that I appreciate your hard work and respect it without complaining, as I know you work hard for your family. If I think you're lines are blurring, you should expect that I would come to you and say, either that I really need you to be with me for this or that can you arrange your work around that, or that I think you are a little out of balance here and we really need you to be present to us a bit more.

2. That I will always try to be kind in my words and actions.

3. That I will touch you a lot, not mauling you, but I will let my fingers run across your shoulders when I pass you going to another room. I will hug you or curl into you when you're standing in the kitchen or hallway. I'll snuggle against you on the sofa and hold your hand in the car.

4. I will always greet and part from you with a hug and kiss and a smile.

5. I will see you, the part the world overlooks and other people don't bother to notice and I will guard that you protectively and cherish that you, engage with that you, nurture and nourish that you to the best of my abilities.

6. I will listen to you talk about your work for hours on end, because I know it is part of your identity and a large part of your world.

7. I will cook for you and make dishes I know you enjoy. Even better I will cook with you and try new things.

8. I will be warm and welcoming, maybe even meet you at the driveway when you come home from work.

9. I will try very hard not to chase you if you are headed to your mancave for some private time with your thoughs.

10. I will never go through your wallet or personal things without permission or without a grave and serious need.

11. I will pray for you daily.

12. I will put care for you above my own wants and try very hard to identify when you might need something to make you feel loved and appreciated.

13. I will laugh with you.

14. I will tease you.

15. I will banter with you.

16. I don't care what way the roll of toilet paper goes on, but I would appreciate that seat put down at least during the night.

17. I'll help or at least keep you company during a project.

18. I will write you notes or letters, sometimes to let you know something bothered me but most often to let you know I love you.

19. I will try to make our home a place of sanctuary.

20. I will try to be home for you, so that in my presence you feel both peace and love.

21. I will let you know when you have done something I think is hurtful or wrong but do so without disaparaging comments.

22. I will encourage you in your faith journey and the practice of our shared faith as I hope you would do the same for me.

23. I will hurt when you hurt.

24. I will hold you tight when you lose someone you love and love you through the grief process.

25. I will try to be appreciative of the small things as well as the large things.

26. I will listen to your stories from your past, your hopes, your fears, your dreams and nightmares without judgment.

27. I will play with you -- cards, puttputt golf, water fights in the summer and snowball fights in the winter. And, yes I will probably talk a little smack ;-).

28. If I have offended you or hurt you in some way, I will ask your forgiveness and endeavor not to do so again.

29. Somedays I might talk your ear off.

30. Somedays I will just be there with you :-)

Is that sort of what you had in mind, Paul?


Lauren this was beautiful.

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