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May 28th 2013 new
(quote) Kerry-970208 said: I filled out the whole thing, still got only 2 matches and nothing has changed since then, a week ago. Seems like a pretty poor response for the money. I don't think my answers were THAT unusual, my goodness.
Kerry -- some people rely upon computer matches for potential dates/relationships. But--as we know, computers don't think in human terms. Can't say it's an unreliable system, but I've been skeptical.

What I do appreciate more is the "viewed me" section. It will show you that the person himself initiated the view. If you get an emote or short message, that's a good sign.

Keep in mind that as a relatively new member, things will seem to be painfully slow. People need to be really patient, but that patience frequently pays off.

If there are some people who have viewed your profile, it wouldn't hurt or be too forward to send a quick message of acknowledgment in the hope of lighting some sparks.

May 28th 2013 new
Kerry I understand that the computer puts in matches, but frankly speaking when I read the profiles of the matches generated to me, most were not matches in my eyes. So I started to do searches myself and look for those who I felt could be matches. Being in Australia it was very difficult as there are so few locally here. However am happy to say that I came up in a search of another CM member and we are now in a relationship. We feel we have so much in common that it is uncanny, and we understand each other and feel understood. We were not matched by CM although both of us had done the temperament test and have similar temperaments. But now that we have met we feel are are very well matched.
So do not give up hope, pray and do searches with your own criteria. Send emotes, be on the forums to be visible.

God Bless
May 28th 2013 new
(quote) Kerry-970208 said: Just out of curiosity--when I first filled out my application almost a week ago, I got two matches. I have not gotten another one since. Others tell me they got 30, 40 or more right away. WHat do they base a "match" on and why do some have so few and others so many? Should I expect more?
I'm not sure what they base it on, but I'm sure you could send a help ticket to the CM staff and ask. They're usually pretty good at getting back to you in a reasonable amount of time.

Since they instituted the "matching" system at CM, I've received a decent amount of "matches" (probably 30 or 40 in the months it has been around), but as it has been said by others in this thread, they're generally not real matches for me. I usually find that those ladies they match me up with tend to be at a different place in their lives than I am. I think I have received maybe 8 or so that I followed up with (they were at the same point -- more or less -- that I am in life).

I agree with others here that maybe you should do some searching on your own -- the "search" tab at the top of the page is a good place to start. Pick "new search", set some parameters, and see what type of results come up. If you just wait for the "matches" to show up, you're not using the site to its fullest potential. Just my two cents

God Bless,
Jun 3rd 2013 new
Thank you Suzanne. I'll give it some thought. I have to tell you though, the thought of a massive crowd makes me nervous. What's it like?

Best, Doug
Jun 3rd 2013 new
Hi Kerry,

I had a couple right off the bat, in the first day or so, then every week or so, it seems another one or two are added. I made contact with one from the first batch and we exchanged some messages, chatted a couple of times and then he just sort of disappeared completely lol. . .none of them have tried to contact me and I'm not too sure how any of this will work. . .but I'm still here and enjoying the forums.
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