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Sep 9th 2013 new
(quote) Andrew-560653 said:

Free masonry's purpose is to destroy the Catholic church. I would consider it a dangerous cult.
That is what I always thought. It goes against all the teachings of the Church. It is opposite and at the highest levels dangerous.
Sep 9th 2013 new
(quote) John-971967 said: No, we have enough Masons in the Nights of Columbus already, especially priests!

Masonry is very dangerous to Catholics, even in this country. NEVER approach a mason with attempts to re-evangelize them by preaching or apologetics when unsolicited; only discuss if he initiates it; some will, and then be careful. The best way to evangelize them is by good Catholic EXAMPLE; that is, the way you LIVE the Catholic faith.

If you don't know how to approach them at this point, you will quickly be over your head. It's best you just give him some good Catholic material dealing with Masonry and let them deal with the incompatibilities internally. Direct them to discussion with apologists who really know what they are doing and have the time to do it right, like Blackburn, Aiken and Madrid and who do it with charity to their person. A simple but clear explanation of what is wrong with Masonic worship alone is enough to trouble them in conscience, based on the oaths they take, if they are truly well intentioned. If their oaths do not bother them, look out; these men are not to be trifled with!

The links that Andrew offers are good ones to explain the essential differences, thus the real dangers. The implications of their oaths are very, very sobering.

We should be careful what we write, even here.
Sounds like they almost need a GOOD Exorcist?
Sep 9th 2013 new
I Befriended a gentleman who is both a Free Mason and Practicing Catholic. I was curious to know why because it has always been my impression that they lack compatibility. Can someone enlighten me?
Sep 9th 2013 new
(quote) Carmel-622850 said: I Befriended a gentleman who is both a Free Mason and Practicing Catholic. I was curious to know why because it has always been my impression that they lack compatibility. Can someone enlighten me?
A flip answer is that he thinks he is a practising Catholic. He may go through the motions, but because of the grave sin involved with being a mason, that is all it is going trough the motions.

More probably, he just does not know that a Catholic is prohibited from being a mason. The other problem is that in the US the face of Masonry are the good doing and fun raising Shriners, raising money for many worthwhile charities and causes; the Shriner's circus and children's hospitals.

So the lines get blurred and Catholics, not properly instructed in the faith, fall into that limited vision of Masonry.
Sep 10th 2013 new
In a nutshell Masonry is a religion. Without going into the fine details, Masonry is a religion based in naturalism and is Not Christian.

So one can not be a Catholic and a Baptist at the same time. Much more so a Mason and a Catholic. I would also point out that while its no longer an ex communicable offense anymore, it has been listed as a grave sin to belong
Sep 10th 2013 new
Look in Catholic Encyclopedia and you will find every detail describing, that to belong to the Free Masons results excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church as well as some other Christian churches (Eastern Orthodox,Lutheran,most true legitimate Baptist and some of the 70,000 christian denominations). There are basic theological reasons against joining 'Secret Societies' that require serious 'Blood Oaths' ,as in the Masonic Lodge's requirement that pledge your own agreement to have your throat slit ear-toear, bowels pulled out... as the church says, 'to make an initial pledge on your own Bible, Torah, Koran as a blood oath to a anti-Christian organization breaks several Commandments even if it is done by an adult group of men in a 'Fool-Hardy Way'. The following is an excerpt from the very lengthy history and decree to Catholics that to become a member results in Full Excommunication:

"The absolute oneness of the Craft", says the Past Grand Master Clifford P. MacCalla (
Pennsylvania), "is a glorious thought." "Neither boundaries of States nor vast oceans separate the Masonic Fraternity. Everywhere it is one." "There is no universal church, no universal body of politic; but there is an universal Fraternity, that Freemasonry; and every Brother who is a worthy member, may feel proud of it". [173] Owing to the solidarity existing between all Masonic bodies and individual Masons, they are all jointly responsible for the evil doings of their fellow-members.

I would guess and would not be surprised at all, from my activities with the Knights of Columbus having to eject some of its own members ,who freely accepted the edict of our priest and didn't seem to care about their Catholocism or the notoriety of excommunication that a high percentage of these very inquiries are in fact full members of parishes. There is only one source that is the Father of all Lies, Chaos and wars' and it is not from within the Holy Trinity!

Sep 10th 2013 new
Sir, we had a council member recently proudly announce that he was going to receive his 32nd degree in the Free Masons and he was sent to the priest who told him the choice.He accepted excommunication and followed 'The Craft'! Another member ignorantly announced at a meeting that after the meeting he was going to attend a Masonic meeting to arrange a large Bar-B-Que Beer Rally as a Community Co-Function wit the Knights of Columbus. There was a famous incident similar to that that may be looked up that happened several years before in the Omaha, Nebraska Diocese where the Arch-Bishop put a decree out after it occurred. It was never changed in the 1960's and accepted nor did Vatican II approve it. Do your homework on the K of C site and Google research. Read the Catholic Encyclopedia that is available at
Sep 10th 2013 new
Paul, It is great to see you back in the CM Forum to get these matters straight. I agree, many Catholics go to extremes to go through the motions of being Catholics and social climb and those with the 'Gift of Gab' as my Father puts it, use their abilities to head up many committees, within the parishes in order to elevate themselves into 'popularity positions' in order to get ahead in the 'Game of Life' ,which is not a game but 'The Roadway of Life'. Unfortunately, many follow these leaders in the opposite direction on that Hi-way to Hell. My pastor often tells a very stupid joke during his very excellent discourse from the pulpit in which seemingly there is about a 10% subconscious laughter response where I look around and it seems to be those very pseudo-catholics. The Priest is actually reading his audience and then proceeds to tell them the intrinsic evils of various themes such as the justification of some abortions to get his message across. Paul you are absolutely correct and one of our 'Pillars of Consciousness', in which many of us respect your positions.
Sep 10th 2013 new
As I have stated in several other ''Masonic Topics', go to Freemason history in the Catholic Encyclopedia which is found at and get more than enough information on that and every other subject and definition.
Sep 10th 2013 new
Not only the French Revolution, but many incidents such as the bloody takeover of Portugal with many killings of priests and nuns as well as the burning and destruction of many convents, churches Catholic 'Pillars f the Community' at the same time the Apparitions of Fatima tool place. Read about it for those that don't believe! Note, I am the 'Other John' in Tempe, Arizona !

P.S. 'Jesus, We trust in You!'
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