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May 12th 2013 new

(Quote) Louise-877216 said: Just thinking that a significant reason for so many of us being single after 40 is a lack of fle...
(Quote) Louise-877216 said:

Just thinking that a significant reason for so many of us being single after 40 is a lack of flexibility. I would include myself in this category as I'm caring for my elderly mother making any relationship at a distance really difficult. When I moved back to Canada I spent years as a part-time nurse waiting " in que' for a full time position to be available. Now that I have senority it seems so scary to leave and start all over again. I woud do it for the man God has planned for me but it wouldn't be easy. I've grown up in a large family and know what it means to make sacrifices for another. I pray that God will help me find a man who will be flexible as the years seems to make people set in their ways as they grow older (again I include myself). I'm sure a common problem for many is that they still have kids at home or don't want to move away from them; completely understandable. Anyone feeling the same way?

This is an excellent question, and one that I have wrestled with over the years. I'm flexible in my interactions with others. I'm trainable, which is good. And I like to give.

Home is where the heart is; my heart is here, I'm realizing. That perspective has changed just within the last year or so. My daughter's boyfr lives 30 miles away and they are likely to marry. So I may have grandchildren here in several years.

I also have grown quite attached to Menomonie, which is on Smithsonian magazine's list of Top 15 Small Towns in the United States. We have hiking, biking, a university, a neat public library located on a lake, and our Catholic church here is lovely. I'm also on our local food co-op board (plans for expansion) and live only 2 blocks away from our local farmers' market. So I'm really enjoying an excellent quality of life here.

Thanks for listening!

May 12th 2013 new
I am flexible as I don't know what God has in mind for my life and I want to be open to that. I need to be prudent I know. I just have seen that He has things planned out better than I could ever dream of.
May 13th 2013 new

In the next year I will finish my PhD, and then I have no idea where I will end up, and I am starting to embrace this. The world is full of possibilities and exploring them is going to be a lot of fun. My kiddos are grown. My mom is in good health and I have a lot of siblings who are going to remain here. I have resources and skills that travel. Pete and I had been excited about the possibilities and just being together. When he was killed I felt like I couldn't possibly move away and had lost a desire to do so. But, as the year mark passed, I started to reevaluate my position and thoughts and I am getting excited again about where I might be going, what I might be doing and who I might be doing it with.

May 13th 2013 new

God's will, not mine. Who am I to defy His will for me? Not easy, but I will be flexible for the Lord.

May 13th 2013 new

One of my strengths is that I am adaptable.

I was able to adjust to being single-again after my 26 year marriage ended. I was able to survive after losing my full-time job.

I was able to move half way across the country to begin a new life life in California after living in Indianapolis for 30 years.

I am open to whatever the Lord has in store for me for my future. I would be very happy to make a new life in a second marriage with the right man. And I believe this adaptable nature/strength will enable me to live with another person who will be cooperative, collaborative, supportive & understanding, not controlling.

Jun 9th 2013 new
(quote) Chelle-924354 said:

Sadly, Ray, I don't think I've ever been able to do that!! Chelle
Chelle, all you have to do is bend your knees, works every time laughing laughing
Jun 10th 2013 new
I agree Carol!
i lived all over the place as a military wife. I loved the lifestyle. Each new place was an opportunity to explore not only my new surroundings, but meet people from all over the states and the world. I truly believe in blooming where planted. After caring for my mom for four years, and her death, I was able to go anywhere. Tried Lake Michigan side of the state, and enjoyed it. My daughter moved to Texas when she met her (now husband) boyfriend online. Last year she kept "encouraging" me to come to Texas. It is very different than the coasts, or Michigan, but I have found a parish and am getting active there.
Being flexible allows me to see potential in others more easily. I realizes that having my ducks in a row (annulment) gives me a better focus on my own priorities. I don't mind if a man hasn't got one yet. I don't PLAN for my partner. ( please, dear God, I DO want one!). We just have to wait and see who God places in our life.
Jun 10th 2013 new
Sorry to sound confused, but what's flexible? Able to change one's mind? If that is what you're asking (and I think it is), here is what I think: 1) thoughts and ideas, yes; 2) habits, maybe; 3) faith beliefs, no.

Hope this helps. God bless.

Jun 11th 2013 new
I have 2 jobs and a house with a 1/2 lot I just bought I can be flexible within limits but stuff still needs to get done like laundry so my flexibility is limited.
Jun 18th 2013 new
Louise, It appears to me that you most certainly have alot going for you. I have been a caregiver for family members twice. It is difficult to say the least. You should stick to the program you are currently involved with now. With the help of God and prayer you will reap your reward. All God's blessings to you. Maryjane
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