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Jun 19th 2013 new
(quote) Louise-877216 said: Just thinking that a significant reason for so many of us being single after 40 is a lack of flexibility. I would include myself in this category as I'm caring for my elderly mother making any relationship at a distance really difficult. When I moved back to Canada I spent years as a part-time nurse waiting " in que' for a full time position to be available. Now that I have senority it seems so scary to leave and start all over again. I woud do it for the man God has planned for me but it wouldn't be easy. I've grown up in a large family and know what it means to make sacrifices for another. I pray that God will help me find a man who will be flexible as the years seems to make people set in their ways as they grow older (again I include myself). I'm sure a common problem for many is that they still have kids at home or don't want to move away from them; completely understandable. Anyone feeling the same way?

I'm probably not as flexible as I should be. But we'll see what god has planned for me. wink crossfingers

Jun 19th 2013 new
Louise, one more thought -

You are Canadian, and I worked with several Yanks who married and moved to Ontario, seemingly without a problem. Being flexible, I would say, yes, I would do the same. Yet, I have read several posts on different forums (fora?) that a Canadian has one hell of a time moving here, even when married to a U.S. citizen. Wow. Must be on account of 9-11 maybe. Very maddening, I'm sure.

I lived and worked in Markham (Toronto) for a full summer, and I met nothing but the best people I could ever care to meet. As I say, I have friends in Windsor, and Sarnia, and and Mississauga. The people of Detroit (the greater area, not the city, if you please!), know all this.

I feel sincerely sympathetic to our Canadian neighbors of CM. It does indeed seem the site is over-populated by Yanks, and under represented by Canucks. I really hope this situation changes, and that more and more North Americans join.

(I'm watching the finals - holy man, 5-5 Boston and Chicago!, 3rd period - no preference, just good hockey).

God bless. Good luck. Doug.

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