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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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May 17th 2013 new
(quote) Robert-964870 said: My one sister suggested to go on this site a while ago when she saw an ad in our bulliten. I am not sure if anyone knows besides my brother in law
- and maybe your sister knows too. smile
May 17th 2013 new
Most of my family knows I'm on CM and accept it as yet another something I would do!! They were skeptical, at first, because I was on another site before this one and "gathered up my toys and went home" long before the subscription ran out because I felt so gross being there. Even my annulment adviser told me that one of the handymen he uses at the church met his wife on CM!!! The fella came to the U.S. from Australia to marry his now wife and they have 3 kids already wink As far as the long distance aspect is concerned...I think I have a bigger problem with it than the family does!
May 17th 2013 new
My boys know, my older (at college) daughter thinks that this is not how God works and its for desperate people. Mom and sis don't know because they have made it clear that I must have a loose screw if I ever went online to meet anyone.. 'because there are psychos out there". I have a very close relationship with mom and sis but its not worth the lectures-even if its none of their business. Cuban families will tell you what they think whether you asked for it or not. But after 12 years as a single mom, there has not been 1 person I have ever run into at Church or anywhere who has asked me out not even for lunch. So, here I am.
May 17th 2013 new
I haven't told my family about it except with my youngest sister. But she is not into online dating so I am sure she didn't even check.

I am the more liberal in the family, and I think I'd be frowned upon by my brothers if they know I am here on this site. But they'd still accept me, and I guess will just mention to be careful. Same with my other sisters.

As for my dad, he'll probably be happy that I am out and looking for a husband. He's been asking when he'd walk me down the aisle.

My mom? She's probably fervently praying to God in heaven to send her unmarried siblings the love of our life and probably happy that I am taking the first step to finding that person. :)

May 18th 2013 new
I've been on this site on and off for 9 years so my family definitely knows I'm on it. I've made no secret of it and they haven't had a problem with it.
May 18th 2013 new
I meant offspring or children, not siblings. :)
May 18th 2013 new
They don't know...and I don't think that it's any of their business.

If I became engaged to someone from this site, I think that I would be proud to let them know that we met on a Catholic dating site. I don't think that they would care much if I met my wife on since half of my family is not practicing Catholic and is divorced :(
May 20th 2013 new
(quote) Tracy-929496 said: So, David, is this someone special on the East Coast still special?
Indeed she is, but in her new role among God's saints. rosary rose Praying
May 20th 2013 new
Awww David I am sorry. hug
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