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May 13th 2013 new

(Quote) Mary-784275 said: I loved it! Please repost a link when you have finished it!
(Quote) Mary-784275 said:

I loved it! Please repost a link when you have finished it!


Mary, I will. It just depends how my schedule is this week. If I get tied up the version you saw will be the final version but I am going to see if I can take Matt's feedback and tweak it but there are no guarantees. I just wanted some opinions for if I have time to fix it, I will.

May 15th 2013 new

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Please know that I was not trying to be snotty about the song and some of the lines. It is not a song I produced and if I were to cut two lines about enjoying your body (which I could interpret if you want to debate as respect your body) it just would sound awkward.

Everything was well appreciated in the feedback and I wanted to say thank you all very much! In my responses I hope I didn't come across gruff, with this being text you never know. I was hoping to get more feedback, but am worried that some people might have misread my replies. I am going to take what I got from Matt about the darks and the lights, the speed, etc. and in future videos apply that. I still welcome any critiques or thoughts on it please.

Good night!

May 15th 2013 new
You've done a good job, Uncle Lud! wave I am sure your niece and everyone in the family will love it. biggrin
May 17th 2013 new
I didn't view the video Lud, but I don't think you can use other's songs on youtube if they are copyrighted/owned by others.
May 17th 2013 new
Fair point Randall.

I purposefully in my account settings of youtube have it set up to where advertisements will not come up on my videos. I am not profiteering from this and I do get what you are saying about copyrights. Just so you know I downloaded and purchased the song for my itunes collection before I even thought about putting it into a personal video.

If the final video file were a manageable size, I would have just emailed it to folks, but it was huge. I set up a hidden link via youtube so that only people who had the link could access it and so my niece wouldn't find it before I presented her the DVD..

Third, Youtube has safeguards that I know for a fact will catch copyrights and will email you about it and in some cases in certain parts of the world that video will not be viewed or will be inaccessible because of song material. Myself, I think it is overkill but understand why they have it; I have had some of those issues with videos of me karaoking songs of all things that I wanted to upload. This is a private link that people will only know about if it is sent or posted somewhere and can't be searched by going to youtube cold and typing in the title of it.

So, let's be clear (Please note I am discussing and am not angry; I have had a bad week in other things though so prayers would be appreciated. That's another topic for another day):
1.) This is not a money making enterprise for me and any videos on youtube I posted do not have ads at least as how I have had my settings in my account set up.
2.) I studied radio/tv in college and am very aware of copyright laws. This is something I will live with, but trust me I have no intentions of making any money off of this nor on my blog...I don't want to have to worry about taxes on income or anything. It's stressful enough reporting work income yearly from my employer and keeping records of donations and the like.
3.) I legally downloaded and paid for the song for my own use. I do not believe in taking something without paying for it. In this case I bought the Romeo and Juliet 10th anniversary soundtrack. It was the only way I could get the song.

Thanks for your concerns and I appreciate it.
May 18th 2013 new
Ludwik, I was not sure if that was your voice but it sounds as though you are saying that the narration is part of the song. In that case, I agree that you can't very well remove some of the words that it contains. It would be different if it were your voice as then you could more readily make modifications to the wording. It's no big deal. I was just giving you the feedback that occurred to me since you asked.
May 18th 2013 new
Yes it is the song's narration...I don't have that distinctive of a voice :). Thanks everyone for the feedback. I look to improve on this new editing program I have. Take care! Lud
May 22nd 2013 new
Just wanted to thank everyone for their feedback, both through here and via direct message.

If anyone is interested, I plan on videotaping her watching the movie and seeing her reaction. I will be happy to share it if people are interested. Take care, Lud
Jun 8th 2013 new
Hey guys, I shared with my niece the video and wanted to show you the video of her watching it for the first time.

The video I am linking to is the video of the montage as originally edited and presented, then after the 7:00 mark is the video of her watching it for the first time.

The link is: and you will see it back to back.

I also posted a blog post of the day, which also contains highlights of the graduation and messages from loved ones I plan to mail to her. Everything can be seen at this link:

God bless you and take care!

Jun 26th 2013 new
Hi, Ludwig! I watched your video of your niece's reaction. I think it is possible that her reaction may have been different if she was not being videotaped. And since others were there to see her reaction, she may have felt self-conscious about all the attention focused on her.
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