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May 25th 2013 new
1) You can no longer see a member's number without clicking on it, which then registers a view... this was never the case before.

Where? On the home page and in the forums the member number should appear when you move the pointer over the photo (or photo placeholder)

2) When I posted something tonight to the Orange County.... Let's guage interest in a get together thread... it looks like I posted it on ET, when I am on PT... like I am up making posts at almost 1am... NOT! Anyhow... if post times could be reflected in the time zone it was originated, versus ET, that would be great. I don't remember this ever being the case before, but maybe I did not watch it so closely.

Click on the 3 gear menu, then click on Forum Settings to change the time zone. NOTE: Most of the US time zones do not have a DST option available; if you are on Daylight Savings Time you will need to pick Standard Time for the next time zone east of yours (e.g., if you are on Pacific Daylight Time, select Mountain Standard Time. Those in the Eastern and Hawaii time zones may select the corresponding Daylight Time.

If this problem existed before the change it is unlikely most would have noticed because the time was usually displayed relative to the current time, not as an absolute value (i.e., "10 seconds ago" instead of 12:08:45 AM).

May 26th 2013 new
HI Jerry,
I don't know if this has to do with the new update or not, but the chat function seems to be a bit nuts today. Two issues with it.

1. it stopped working mid conversation earlier, trying to reconnect appeared successful then were not, wouldn't allow any typing and/or sharing of text.

2. Trying to initialize a chat, appears at first to go well, then pops up multiple boxes and if I click them down, it shows the person now unavailable, wait a second and try again and it appears fine, then pops up multiple boxes every time I click on something else???? Gremlins???
May 26th 2013 new
1) Thanks for trying to make this user friendly for phones (even though it doesn't work on my phone). 2) Seems to run VERY slow on my netbook computer. 3) When I try to go to the tabs at the top...and FORUM it jumps around and I always end up pressing BLOG. This is annoying....although it has gotten me to read some blogs:o) 4) Format seems a bit clunky, can't articulate why... 5) I miss spell check....especially cause I am the worlds most horrible speller...please do something about that if possible. Thanks!
May 30th 2013 new
I made a similar comment initially, but the longer I use the new format of this site, the more my original impression of this minor item is reinforced.

While I appreciate that there are a lot of details to take care of when revamping the site to the extent that is taking place, and I don't mean to nitpick .. the "eyeball" icon that is used to demonstrate online status, "viewed me" and appearance characteristics on a profile page is just plain creepy. Can we please get something else?

How about coloured lines or dots to show online status? How about an open book for "viewed me"? How about some sort of silhouette (a la the Facebook profile pic placeholder) for appearance?

I have noted that some other CM members have made similar comments about the eyeball, perhaps others have better suggestions for replacements.
May 30th 2013 new
When another person initiated the " Individual Chat" I noticed the X at top ( used to hang up ) was missing on "my end only". Therefore they were able to disconnect, while I was left on hold. We tried it the other way around where " I initiated the call" so I had the X and they did not ,leaving them on Hold. We also tried it on different days to see --the same is true!
Hope someone can get the bugs out of the line, so we are not left hanging.
May 30th 2013 new
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Jun 2nd 2013 new
I still don't see a way to find more of the long list of the old emoticons. Also is there a way to preview what your e-mail will look like with the emoticons before sending it? I don't know if that was part of the old system or not, but it would be nice.

Also, when I do use CM on my phone, it's an LG phone, I push the area I want to go to and a box highlights to show that I've pushed it but it goes up and to the right I think quite a ways, so it looks like I'm highlighting something else, but it does take me to the place that I thought I was clicking.
Jun 2nd 2013 new
Thanks for fixing the in-line message thing, as well as anchoring that bar while in messages.

Possible we can be notified about "likes" on forum postings? Not necessarily who did it, but just a count and/or a notification about which posting was liked? Or is that here and I don't know where..?
Jun 2nd 2013 new
Could be your internet connection, Lauran..? Any other internet or browser problems at the same time?
The wireless internet is slower at my parents' house, so I've noticed some glitches here and there, though never those exact ones.
Jun 3rd 2013 new
First, I was on the fence about renewing. The site revamp has pushed me into the do not renew pile. When I click on a member's profile, it's completely cluttered. I don't understand the "banner" thing - it's an image on an image and very distracting to the eye. Trying to read what the member actually wrote about themselves is difficult due to it being squeezed into one of the now three columns on the page - not fun on a netbook. What used to take up 2/3ds of the page now takes up 1/3rd, forcing you to scroll down and read maybe 7 words across the screen at a time. It's simply not a good GUI. Trying to find what I believe are important points in any potential match (what they dis/agree with, what their politics are, ect) are also very hard to find given the new spacing.
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