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May 16th 2013 new
While viewing my profile from my home computer, I noticed the pictures all show up as a close up of the top of the pic. (which, being the top of my head, is not my best feature.)
May 16th 2013 new
(quote) Brian-278516 said: What kind of tablet?
Ipad. It's okay now. Thank you! :)
May 16th 2013 new
Trying to send even a message is very difficult on an Android tablet. The Send button needs to be anchored, and the Body area needs a vertical scrollbar?
May 16th 2013 new
(quote) Bob-59786 said: Trying to send even a message is very difficult on an Android tablet. The Send button needs to be anchored, and the Body area needs a vertical scrollbar?
I experience the same difficulty in Ipad when sending messages. I agree with Bob's suggestions. :)
May 17th 2013 new
I am trying to reserve judgment... there are definitely some quirks.. hope those will get worked out... I don't like the look of the this new site but hoping I just get used to it.... it would have been nice if there had been some warning before the shock when I first logged on this morning.,..
May 17th 2013 new
Patrick we posted a notice in both the community room and Single Living alerting users to the upcoming changes.
May 17th 2013 new
I really appreciate all the comments that we have been getting. This enables us to find out where there might be bugs or holes. Given the size of CatholicMatch and the enormous variations based on devices and browsers and OS you help is very important.

So far I think most of the concerns we have read I things that we are aware that need fixed or are bugs that we will address in time. We tried to not change the site unless the change helped make the site device agnostic. While we realize that when their are aesthetic changes we won't be able to please everyone we do hope to please most. As the web becomes more "responsive" you are going to see that websites will start to look more and more alike until their are more diverse designs and methods developed that allow them to be responsive. We are still in the early stages of the web becoming mobile.

Our programmers are working hard to make changes and fixes and if at some point today we feel that we cannot quickly get to enough of them we will probably roll back to the old design in order for us to have more time and to prevent as minimal of disruption for users as we can.

May 17th 2013 new
I cannot figure out how to get spellcheck when posting on a forum. Someone on
this thread wrote about it, but he figured it out himself.

Let me know if there is a spellcheck available please.

Also, how can one hide the whole original post like we were able to do before.

May 17th 2013 new
In the new format, is the item called "responses to your posts" removed, or just relocated ?
May 17th 2013 new
I'm glad the CM is trying to make the site more easily accessible by various devices; while I don't personally access by anything other than a laptop, I know many people who rarely use an actual laptop/desktop because of the many mobile devices out.

In terms of the new inbox layout, I find it rather frustrating for a few reasons. First is that it is no longer as easy to see when a message that may have been read, but haven't had a chance to reply. Second, and more important, is the difficulty in responding to messages; when composing the box appears over the other person's message and it's not convenient for trying to completely respond to everything in a message a person has sent when you can't scroll back and forth through it, especially when the messages are lengthy as my correspondence tends to be. If you could find a way to make that aspect device friendly, but still be able to see/scroll through previous messages, that would be very much appreciated.
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