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This room is for discussion about CatholicMatch events or to plan a get-together or meet-up for offline activities such a dinners, ball games, concerts etc.

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Jun 17th 2013 new
Thanks to everyone who attended our "Day with the Rays" event on Saturday. It was fun getting to meet everyone and hanging out before and after the game!

Keep an eye on the Member Meet-ups forum -- we'll be planning a weekend meet-up in August. It looks like it'll be the weekend of August 10-11th. As you can read above in this thread, a former CMer in Brandon has offered her home as a place for a cookout on Sunday, Aug. 11th. We still need to confirm this and plan some other event(s) for Saturday the 10th. I do have a couple of ideas...

Which reminds me, if YOU have an idea of what to do on Saturday Aug. 10th, let me or Tim know by messaging one of us.

God Bless,
Jun 26th 2013 new
Question.... Is there a way to send a mass email to everyone in the area about events??
Jun 27th 2013 new
(quote) Ruth-570922 said: Question.... Is there a way to send a mass email to everyone in the area about events??
That's a very good question, Ruth. I honestly don't know. Maybe you could submit a help ticket to find out...
Jun 28th 2013 new
I'll will do that.... thanks!!!
Jun 28th 2013 new
I've heard that admin doesn't really appreciate when people organizing events send out a bunch of emotigrams and/or messages to promote events... apparently sometimes a non-paying member gets excited to have received a message and ante's up the twenty bucks to read it, only to find out it was an event invitation and not a personal message, and then they complain to admin and want their money back or something like that... that said, it would be nice if admin took a more active role in letting members know that there are meet-ups planned in their area, and suggesting they check out the meet-ups forum and events pages.
Jun 29th 2013 new
I understand this dilemma, but with this new savvy world I'm sure they can omit sending the messages to nonpaying customers. Make that a paying perk! I think this is a good way to bring people together without pressure. Being a single mom, I would feel much more comfortable knowing I was meeting someone for the first time in a group rather than alone. ...Just my thoughts!
Aug 13th 2013 new
Hi Steve--good talking with you and Tim -sorry you couldn't make the last CM get together August 11--look forward in the next CM gathering
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