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May 25th 2013 new
Praying & (insert clapping emoticon here.....temporarily missing)

Congratulations and God Bless!!
May 25th 2013 new
Your advice is always sage and to the point, and you've shown yourself always a true gentleman in every forum. I'm happy to join the chorus of those who wish you well. You will be very much missed!
Many blessings to you and those you love, especially one very lucky woman!
May 25th 2013 new
Hello Ray wave Thank you so much and may God bless you - so great to hear too that you met someone locally and is progressing well. Great advise too, I will keep those in mind wave.

May 26th 2013 new
Ray, I wish you all the best of good luck and happiness with your new found love. May your love together be totally blessed by God, blossom and grow and will lead you both to the altar of the Lord in the sacrament of matrimony and may the two of you enjoy life together and live happily everafter. God bless. Praying rosary theheart
May 26th 2013 new
God bless you, Ray!! And may He stand next to you and direct you in all your pursuits!
May 26th 2013 new
(quote) Ray-566531 said: With a touch of sadness, I am bidding farewell to CM, effective May 30th. I will not be renewing.

During my time here, I have met, dated several fine CM women, and befriended many others. It doesn't get much better than that, except to say I've met a local woman and our relationship has been progressing well -- to the point I'm ready to leave CM as far as the "seeking" aspect is concerned.

What I will miss is participating in the forums -- my favorite CM activity (besides the dating part). We've had fun, along with trying to comfort those who needed comfort, and trying to support those who needed it. During a couple of local gatherings, I was able to meet others in person. Unfortunately, timing prevented me from attending others.

I wish I could say "Adios" personally to each of you who have made my stay here ever so pleasant, but time constraints make that impractical.

Also, some volunteer work has taken on a new direction, and new projects are being started. That will be time consuming, but I'm looking forward to those opportunities.

There's a backlog of messages to answer, along with messages to those who viewed my profile. I'm hoping to respond to all of them, time permitting. My apologies if this doesn't get finished.

To those who are seeking, look for the opportunities that are before you. Reading profiles is fine, but people are so much more than that. If there's even a little spark -- go for it. That's what you came here for. No need to be afraid of dating and it doesn't have to be an elaborate production. Simple basics are all that is needed to start with.

To the men -- treat the ladies with the courtesy and respect they deserve. To the ladies -- please excuse the anxiety attacks that many of the guys suffer before going out with you, and try to look for their real "selves".

For those who are having difficulty connecting with someone, use the time wisely. The needs of any community are great; there is always room for more volunteers.

I will keep all of you in my prayers -- that you remain healthy and find what you are truly seeking.

I will treasure the memories of the CM experience and the great people I've come across along the way. But for now, it's time to bid thee farewell......

Ray, Ray, Ray,

You rascal you!!

Earlier in the year for some reason, I felt this year may be your swan song on Catholic Match. I dont know whether it was a premonition or gut feeling - maybe a little of both. Whatever the feeling, I know since my time here in July 2010, there has been no one and I mean no one who has been a better poster in the forums. Everything you shared no matter the topic or room was either informative, humorous, sociable, attentive, welcoming to a new member or a combination of those attributes. Even if you felt a poster was totally out-of-bounds with their message, you always responded in a manner that was professional and never demeaning. In the case of the prayer room, loving and always caring.

Your absence will leave a large void in the forums. You set the bar very high and you have defined what a true gentlemen should be at all times. I know I am personally a better person due to your presence here.

You are leaving for all the proper reasons. Finding a great faith-filled lady is at the top of the proper reasons and the fact she is local is a major plus.

You could have rode off in the sunset, said nothing and kept everyone wondering. However, that is not the Ray I know. You came to CM a class act and you are leaving a class act.

In closing, I pray God grants you and your lady friend His greatest blessings. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus always embrace you in His loving arms.

P. S. This weekend, I am going to drink a Millers Lite in your honor.

You rascal you!!!!

Praying Praying Praying hug wave


May 26th 2013 new
Ray my heart is filled with so much joy for you! Another poster who is finding love in their mature years. I am happy for you and I am sure your wife is as well, because she would not want you to be alone. You have given a lot of good pointers to both the men and the women. I find it hard to believe that any forum poster that is a regular cannot find their partner, especially the men, because there are so many more women out there. I think if they don't, especially the older one's, it only makes me wonder how serious they are in wanting to find a match. Maybe judgment but just an observarion of being on here sooo man years. The site and forums have definitely changed since I first joined so many moons ago but one thing has not changed the amount of good people that are on the site. That does not mean that one does not have to use common sense and discernment because it is stil an Inernet Dating Siite but if one takes advantage of all that CM has to offer it will bring them success. I leave for Italy at the end of the month with a girl/woman who started out on CM and help form the community of CMers and events that have spread world wide. I go with a group of friends who I have met from CM through the forums and events. How God has blessed us al! Wishing you and your speical someone happines and love that continues to flourish. God speed and as the Irish would say - it is not good bye, it is until we meet again
May 26th 2013 new

I am relatively new here, but I have to tell you that the guys have secretly been praying you would find that "one" and move on. laughing As evidenced with this tread, you have tied up way too many wonderful ladies with your wisdom, charm, good looks, and sage advice. cool

And you know I jest.

God be with you both always, Ray!
May 26th 2013 new
May God bless your relationship and your future path Ray! Praying
May 26th 2013 new
Ray: Wishing you and your lady friend a great future together.
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