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May 28th 2013 new
I chose "don't have an ideal". I would like to have at least one more baby, but I would take as many as I was blessed with.
May 28th 2013 new
It's not that important to me at least. I would prefer only 3, but whatever size family God wants me to have, I will father. If it's no children at all, or a number of adoptees, 1, 2, or 12, he will see that the family's needs are met.
May 28th 2013 new
I have 3 - 5 kids on my profile but it's not set in stone, just a guidline that I would be edging towards a larger family and would be looking for someone who had also this in mind.
May 30th 2013 new
I think it is important. I personally believe that however many kids God gives me is what I should accept. I come from a big family but if God have me 20 kids I would be just as happy as if he gave me one because every child is a precious gift from God and nobody should try to plan their gifts from God.
May 30th 2013 new
Obviously God's Will will prevail.

For me its very important because I want (and am fairly certain God has it in my cards) to have a LARGE family. So if someone says his ideal is 1 or 2 kids, thats a problem. However, it wouldn't be a red flag that would prevent me from communicating with him because I don't think Men give it quite as much thought. Maybe I'm wrong.
Jun 1st 2013 new
As I get older and nearing the end of my child bearing years, I am open to whatever God will give me.
Jun 1st 2013 new
I don't actually care about an exact number; as long as a lady is willing to have children if she is able, that is fine by me.
Jun 1st 2013 new
I agree that the question is touchy, and we all know the Lord is in charge. However, being a single mother of one, it can help me realize that the person I'm in communication with ultimately wants 2 or 3 more- something I may or may not be capable of handling. We never know what other issues people have in their lives, whether it be a health concern, financial or simply that they have children and have experience. I personally love children and thank the Lord daily for my beautiful son!
I have to remind myself that not everyone is in agreement with the Church's views on contraception.
Peace in Christ :)

Jun 1st 2013 new
That number depends on God, you, your husband, and your budget. For instance, in my case, I wanted three children, "enough to fill the backseat of my compact car." I know a family who has 7 kids. They attend the same mass as I do, and they come to mass in a big van.
This is something that you could discuss with your future husband beforehand.
This is also something you should pray about, to seek guidance.
Jun 7th 2013 new
(quote) Yenne-970772 said: Hi Danielle,

I don't know if this will answer your question but one thing is clear in my mind. That it is not for me alone to decide the number of children that I would have. It is between me, my spouse and God. For this reason, I answered "no ideal number" because I want to be open to having the number of children that God wants me and my future spouse to have based on a prayerful discernment of God's will for our family.

Having said that, I am praying to God to 'hurry up' in giving me my future spouse so that I could have the children that he wants me to have. Of course, I am kidding. While I pray and work on it, I leave everything to God's loving providence.

Have a great day!


Touch !! smile
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