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May 27th 2013 new
(quote) Joan-529855 said:

Seriously, people's (particularly the male gender) obsession with the physical appearance of the opposite gender is at a very unhealthy level on this site

So ladies, if you want a man to "like" your photos and increase the chances of him contacting you, display photos of yourself in a seductive outfit, or at least a seductive pose (you know, the pouty face with the big lips). If you aren't comfortable with your physical appearance on the original photo, let me know. I can alter it so you look like a movie star and then you will have all kinds of messages/emotes.

First part- YES YES YES. I agree.

Second part- Although I understand and agree that some or most men seem to respond more to women wearing seductive clothing, I don't want that type of man. I couldn't trust that type of man. Maybe that's why I am still single.
May 27th 2013 new
(quote) John-971967 said: I think that every man would want his lady to look and dress her best, given the occasion. I would also hope that it would be reciprocal. Please don't tell me that women don't look at a man's appearance! 

First off - great thread, Marian.

Here is what I will say about man's appearance. I'm not a fashion expert by any means. I've seen photos of some gentlemen who just needs a little encouragement in the facial hair area, maybe a nicer haircut and clothes that might better suit their body type etc but I find them all to be handsome, again some just need a little encouragement in those areas. I know they all can't be Darren Sharper or Ryan Gosling clones and I don't expect them to be. Just would be great if they were Christ-like.

In defense of make up hehehe- I don't wear it often ( only on special occasions, going out, when I'm playing with the band in an event etc). I don't even wear make up that often a work. But I do like make up laughing. It's a way to highlight what we already have. Make up is not the devil :D.

Someone mentioned duck face - that's just hilarious. Do men really find that attractive? My friends do it out of mockery but I never find it attractive when women do it.
May 28th 2013 new
(quote) Wendy-387654 said: Not good advice.
I was being sarcastic!! Did you read my post immediately following that post? Just in case someone doesn't understand sarcasm I immediately followed up the post with the following:

"BTW, I am VERY OPPOSED to seductive photos. I just made an observation in regards to women who did provide more "attractive" photos and women who didn't, and shared those observations to the CM community."

eyebrow scratchchin mischievous rolling eyes
May 28th 2013 new
Hello :) That is very sad, but I think that this would be the majority of replies that we as women get. Do you feel as if your profile is not even being read? Sadly, I think that mine does not get read at all. I'm quite sure that you get oodles of Messages and Emotes as well. Hmmmm... why the request for more and more photos? Frustrating to say the least...
May 28th 2013 new
Sometimes I wonder if some men only look at the pictures and if they don't like them they move on
May 28th 2013 new
I figured you were being sarcastic and making a point that fits the hand...
May 28th 2013 new
I think it is important to remember is that guys are visually oriented. I can see if you only have 1 headshot on your profile, but you have 26 images there. The guy sounds creepy to ask for more. RUN lol!
May 28th 2013 new
Thank you for the sound advice. No one had ever asked for more photos in all of this time and it seemed odd to me.
May 28th 2013 new
Good topic Marian! This site keeps pestering, er, reminding me to update my profile photo! I was going to but the photos I tried to upload came out looking dark and/or blurry or just blah looking. For now, the scrapbook ones will do. I agree with Lauren. I'm not a fan of the camera and don't feel overly comfortable having photos "out there."

I will say this - I've met at least 2 men F2F who had NO photos of themselves. They just gave a general but accurate description of themselves. It was a leap of faith in a way but the meetings weren't bad. I went based on their profiles. They didn't look like frogs either.

I had a guy who was emailing me for a while but never wanted to meet. The emails were decent. But when I changed my profile photo, he said the new one was "nice" but he liked the old one better! He asked me to put the older photo back up! I said it was on an old computer which I recycled - ha! So much for that and him! Wasn't there an old movie, "Laura" where some man fell in love with a woman's portrait?

Even in person, people can be terribly RUDE. Men with elevator eyes - looking the woman up and down rolling eyes I remember an old famous "Oprah" show about Alaskan men who were having trouble meeting ladies. Oprah had an audience full of them and the men were able to ask some to lunch. One guy had the nerve to ask one woman to "turn around" when she stood up. I guess he wanted to approve her front and "rear view." Jerk.
May 28th 2013 new
I have been meaning to add more photos of myself, but don't have many updated ones, so I have to get on that. The one I have up is from 01/2013. I have had men ask me to put more photos on. I have been out on dates and have them say why didn't I put more on, you look just fine. I didn't ask them for their opinion. I have had messages saying they will ask me out after I put more photos on. So that is precisely why I thought about not doing it. Although to "prove" I look the same as I say I suppose a few more shots would due.

Men are visual~ yes, but so are the ladies~ come on we all know we appreciate a nice looking lad. Just sayin!faintHere it comes....
But yes the heart is more of where we women "meet up" with men I know.

And Joan I knew you were kidding in that one post! rose hug fluffy
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