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This room is for discussion for anyone who adheres to the Extraordinary form of the mass and any issues related to the practices of Eastern Rite Catholicism.

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Aug 2nd 2013 new
(quote) Lynea-297530 said: So do you believe that this outward participation increased the inward devotion of Catholics? How do you explain the statistics that show this not to be the case?

Which is the highest good : How we feel and participate --- the good we can do for one another, and even for God, or God Himself?

It may be just me, but I don't understand your question.

I do know I said no such thing as you claim I did.

As far as your second question is concerned, I will merely point out that while Pius XII was still Pope, one of the movements within the Church was to allow the Mass to celebrated in the Vernacular, so people could understand what was going on.

I never understood this as everywhere relatively inexpensive missals were available which the laity could use and know exactly what is going on.

When the vernecdular was finally introduced many people found that they understood no more about the mass than when it was in Latin. So along with the societal nonsense from the most destructive generation in history (now in positions of leadership,all over the world) they just left.

On the other hand,there is really no way to really know what the inward devotion of any body is. It cannot be really measured as a poll can only know what people tell them. And when it comes to questions like this,people are notorius liars usually responded in a manner they believe the pollster wants them to say.
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